Mobilians have known about it for nearly a century, trusting it for all things candied. It didn’t take me long to discover it when I moved here in 1996. Today, Three Georges Candy Shop on Dauphin Street still cranks my tractor when I’m looking for a fix.

When I approach the door from that corner of Joachim, the sight of the display case makes my heart skip a beat. The first thing I notice is the chocolate. Chocolate-covered everything. Cordials, turtles, cashews, I could try them all. Maybe I have in my many visits over the years.

Serving the Azalea City since 1917, not too much has changed in nine plus decades. The current face of Three Georges not only shells out the candy, it also has an ice cream bar for sundaes and such. Add to that a growing lunch menu loaded with soups and sandwiches next to very good sides.

Yes, we who live here all know about Three Georges. Every year when our Mardi Gras issue rolls out, I feel it is my responsibility to let any out-of-town revelers know about something that is unique to our fair city. This is definitely a place we can call our own.


Candy wise, I have my favorites, and yes, they involve chocolates. My friend Samuel Anthony is partial to the candy fruit slices (also a favorite of Graham) and they are good. I urge you to try them. But for my money, I prefer the dark stuff. I am a big fan of malt, whether in my ice cream or chocolate-covered malt balls. When it comes to the latter, nobody does it better than Three Georges, and they offer the treat in milk chocolate or a dark version. I’ve eaten them side by side, and the dark chocolate wins by a nose in my opinion. I’ll put it this way. If I sent you there to pick up some dark chocolate-covered malt balls and you brought me the milk chocolate I wouldn’t be the least bit upset.

Most of the candy is sold by the pound; so don’t let your eyes be bigger than your wallet. But it’s worth every penny if you let things get out of hand.

Lunch at Three Georges is nothing to be ignored. All of the sandwiches sound good, but you who read this column regularly know that I am a sucker for a muffaletta. I was in no way disappointed with theirs. They have the right bread, and it was nicely toasted, something you don’t normally find, but a welcomed change of pace.

In the soup department, I found the gumbo to be a good example of the classic. This one had a lighter roux and a nice flavor. It’s not going to knock your socks off, but it’ll do in a pinch.

The roast beef poboy may very well be the best sandwich on the menu. I really enjoyed this one. The French bread was great, the meat tender, and the simplicity spoke volumes. Great ingredients made this one my favorite so far.

Chips are a side offering, but what can I say? Potato salad is better. Smooth and creamy is the way of the Tri-George. A small cup is more filling than you would think. Even though the potato salad was good, the pasta salad was better. Once again, it is the simplicity that makes this shine. Not too oily, the light pasta salad was delicious with the occasional caper making an appearance.

So Three Georges is your one-stop candy shop. We know they can handle that. I am telling you they make a mean lunch. Lucas and I have even bellied up to the ice cream bar a time or two in the warmer months. But as good as all of these things are, there is one thing I love from there more than all of these things combined. Apples.

Not just any apples. Not a caramel apple. Not a candy apple. I’m talking about a monster apple. An apple the size of four pregnant watermelons. First they dip the apple in caramel. The next step finds it covered in milk chocolate. After that our little buddy is rolled around in pecans. Finally it is drizzled in streams of dark and white chocolate. Amazing! You can order these and many more of their products at

So if you are new to town or just visiting for parades and such and you find yourself downtown, I recommend you find your way to that special corner of Mobile. These guys still have a lot to offer after 97 years. Somebody is doing something right, eh? Go for the candy by the pound, stay for a sandwich but in the name of all that is holy do not leave without an apple!

Three Georges Candy Shop
226 Dauphin St.
Mobile, Ala.