Thank God your wife is safe … for now. Maybe the defendant will choose a different target next time.

Welcome, old-timer, to the new age of social justice. This is a time in which the justice system compassionately fosters opportunities for improvement for the real victim: the perpetrator. Legislators, too, approve the change.

Criminals might well be “locked up for a long time” under antiquated laws. But today, we know that “debtors prisons sending the wrong message”  (Ken Robinson, Lagniappe, Jan. 10, 2018) is just cruel. You see, Rob, you fail to see that rehab doesn’t work in prison/jail, so judges, who are much more knowledgeable than you, hand out lenient sentences, low bail or nothing. This puts the real victim, the perpetrator, out quickly so that he can demonstrate self-improvement — if only given the chance.

Legislators, judges and parole boards are rooting for these “victims.” Won’t you join them? It’s not like your wife was killed or even injured. Or your kids. Or your cohorts. Sure, some in Douglas Dunson’s past were injured, but that was then and his justice has been served. A clean slate and freedom and he can be a productive taxpayer. Think of it.

I suggest that you find out and call out the judge(s) in all of Dunson’s previous convictions — let everyone see the pattern and can the judges who unleash Mr. Dunson on an unsuspecting public. Do you think your wife’s experience is unique? It’s so common that it didn’t make any news except in my beloved Lagniappe.

Do you have any idea just how many more there are that didn’t end as well and don’t make a blip? You should, in your position. Screw the RINO running your city. Screw the libs who put lipstick on pig locations in Mobile and screw activist judges and spineless legislators. Oh, and screw Ken.

If his shed is broken into and burglarized by the same guy — four times — tell him to get back to me. If you can’t pay the fine, don’t do the crime. Feel free to quote that.

Seriously, Rob, if justice isn’t in court then regular folks will apply it in the streets. Thugs are being released and revenge is playing out with the shootings in Mobile. I am glad your wife is fine.

Whatever you choose to do with your newfound knowledge, be sure to not step on unicorn road apples.

Robin Miller,