Does Mobile need more positive press? Scott Tindle thinks so.

Tindle and his wife, Beth, have decided to start a media company called Positive Press Mobile with the goal of publishing positive news about our city. The effort will start in earnest in January with a full website, but was launched via Facebook last week.

Tindle, who is executive director of The Grounds (aka the fairgrounds), says they decided to make the move after determining too much of what appears in local media is negative. In fact, the PPM Facebook page claims less than 5 percent of local news is positive.

While “too much negative news” is a routine complaint heard in the media, precisely defining a negative story isn’t always so easy. I asked Tindle how he arrived at the less-than-5-percent number, and he explained his group monitored local media for a few months, looking only at hard news stories — they excluded business, sports, weather, cuisine and entertainment reporting.

At the end, Tindle says, they defined as positive a story they would want next to an advertisement they might run.

“What would we want our ad next to? What’s something good happening in the community?” he said.

Methodology aside, Tindle says what they’re really trying to do is find the uplifting or even just good things and give them more promotion. He hopes the site will serve as a place where businesses, government, organizations and individuals can promote themselves. Eventually, he said, PPM hopes to generate its own content, but for now they are taking submitted information and also linking to news stories produced by local media that fit their criteria.

“Our job is to promote. We’re not really a journalism space. We want to be the proclaimer of good news. We’re not journalists, we’re just out to spread positive stories,” he explained.

The website will be, Tindle said, and should go live in January. Currently former reporter Blake Brown is working with PPM. Tindle said PPM is a “passion project,” but he isn’t opposed to seeing it sell advertising eventually.

“We just want people to feel good about reading it,” he said.

Sealls gets his six pack
WKRG Chief Meteorologist Alan Sealls recently brought in another Emmy award from the 39th annual Suncoast Emmy Awards, adding to the five he’s already won.

He was joined by fellow Channel 5 staffers Allen Carter and Arnell Hamilton, who also shared an Emmy.

Sealls won in the “On-Camera Talent” category for a piece called “Let Me Explain.” His award was specifically for weather anchors.
Carter and Hamilton took the top spot in Historical/Cultural News for their story “The Journey to Selma.”

Not only were Sealls, Carter and Hamilton the only Suncoast winners from the Mobile market, they were the only winners from Alabama. Congratulations.

Wishing them the best
Some of you may have noticed Tim and Leann Camp missing from their “TLC in the Morning” spot on 92ZEW. Their family suffered a severe house fire Monday and have been trying to get things back together.

Fortunately there were no injuries. Wishing good luck to the Camps and their children.