Band: Lil’ Poison Brown Ale full release featuring Grayson Capps
Date: Saturday, Dec. 26, at 7 p.m.
Venue: Fairhope Brewing Co., 916 Nichols Ave.,
Tickets: Free

Photo/ | Grayson Capps

Photo/ | Grayson Capps

Fairhope Brewing Co. has been releasing brewed concoctions dedicated to local music figures. Lil’ Poison Brown Ale started it all, inspired by Grayson Capps’ song “Drink a Little Poison (4 U Die).” The local microbrewery created this beer to commemorate Capps’ first performance at Fairhope Brewing.

The musical inspiration that helped create this brew is not surprising. “Drink a Little Poison (4 U Die)” is a crowd favorite at Capps’ performances, and the crowd cannot help but join in with an epic sing-a-long.

The brewery originally made 10 gallons of “this rich, malty American Brown Ale, which weighs in at 6.3 percent alcohol by volume.” The crowd quickly exhausted the initial supply of this delicious beer. Eventually, Fairhope Brewing Co. decided to make Lil’ Poison Brown Ale its Mardi Gras seasonal.

With Fat Tuesday approaching, Fairhope Brewing is preparing to release this seasonal treat. Going with tradition, Capps will be performing a collection of his original works, including the song that inspired the brew.