Band: Interstellar Boys
Date: Thursday, Oct. 12, with doors at 7 p.m.
Venue: Soul Kitchen, 219 Dauphin St.,
Tickets: $15 in advance/$50 VIP; available at venue, its website, Mellow Mushroom (WeMo/midtown) or 866-777-8932

Although many spreadheads were disappointed when drummer/founding member Todd Nance left Widespread Panic, Nance continues to build upon his musical legacy with his latest project, Interstellar Boys.

Formerly Todd Nance & Friends, Interstellar Boys is a collaborative effort featuring Nance with Jerry Joseph (vocals/guitar), Daniel Hutchens (vocals/guitar), Sam Holt (guitar/vocals), John Neff (pedal steel) and Jon Mills (bass). Nance says his time with Interstellar Boys has been a pleasant change of pace from the crazy world of Widespread Panic.

“It’s been very good for my health. It’s not that Widespread Panic was bad or anything. I was just living that crazy lifestyle. So, I had to get away from that.”

Nance also lauds the artistic unity shared by the members of Interstellar Boys as another positive aspect of this group. He says the absence of ego interference allows the band to thrive in the creation process. The group plans to take this chemistry into the studio in the near future to produce a five-song debut EP. Until then, those curious about the this band’s otherworldly jams can get their first taste in a live environment.