Four words: sugar and alcohol overload. Halloween is behind us, but now the holidays are upon us and Boozie is getting ready one day and one drink at a time. There isn’t much time to prep our livers, but that hasn’t stopped us before! So go ahead and grab your favorite beverage and suck it down with all this oh-so-tasty gossip.

Tricks? Or treats?
Boozie has more gossip from Halloween if you decided to stay in and not weather the storm. Saturday night had downtown hopping, bars were packed with just about every Halloween costume you could imagine. Boozie’s spy only reported back the best of the best, so here goes.

My spy’s favorite was a toss up between Larry Culpepper (Dr. Pepper guy) and the windsock man, like the kind you see at car dealerships. There was more than one Larry Culpepper spotted but she said her favorite one had the glasses and drink carrier and kept yelling, “Ice cold Dr. Pepper!” Needless to say he was very into his costume.

Some other Boozie spy favorites: a flamingo, Tinder guy (dating app), a peacock, a squirrel, cousin Eddie, a loofah and Winnie the Pooh. Boozie was a little disappointed but at the same time proud to not hear of a lot of slutty costumes. Sure, the spy said, she saw a few but not as many as you would have guessed. She said she spotted a slutty nun with knee-high stockings, two girls wearing just a bra as their top and one girl that she thinks was dressed as a female escort. She said she thinks it was female escort costume but wasn’t sure because all the girl had on was a corset and a trench coat.

Boozie’s spy also reported of a costume she found a little confusing. It was a girl with half her face painted and wearing a real wedding dress; yes, a real wedding dress. This wedding dress wasn’t some thrift store find, it was actually really pretty, according to my spy. So, Boozie is thinking it could have been one of three things. One, she got married that night. Two, she figured she would never need it again. Or three, she got divorced and wanted to trash the dress that her ex-husband had said she looked so beautiful in. The world may never know.

Lastly, Boozie’s favorite story from Halloween night! There was a couple who was a bit older than most of the crowd at one local bar and they were having a great time. The wife was dressed as Cat Woman in a leather onesie. Boozie’s spy overheard a few younger girls say they hope they look like her when they’re her age. So it is safe to say Cat Woman was killing it. The husband, also in all leather, was dressed as Batman, and he must have had some catnip on him because Cat Woman couldn’t keep her paws off. Boozie’s spy reported that Cat Woman grabbed her a few handfuls of her “Bat Dad’s” buns of steel. Meow!

Boozie didn’t just get reports from LoDa, I also had spies and heard tales of many shenanigans down at the Flora-Bama. Now, my spy did admit she was late to the party because she was drowning her sorrows from another Auburn loss. Bless her heart. But it’s nothing a Bushwacker can’t fix!

Anyway, she put on her big girl panties and got to work. Some of the best were those dressed as, what else, Bushwackers. And there were also a few men dressed as Shriners riding little bikes that she said were a hit with the crowd.

She also said there were a lot of people dressed as rednecks. Like any good boss would do, I questioned if she was sure they were dressed up as rednecks or if they were real-life rednecks. She confirmed they were dressed up because she saw a few wig slips, but she couldn’t confirm if their tats were real or fake. She also reported that most women were feeling the Halloween spirit and had lots of cleavage to prove it.

Boozie’s spy also shared her favorite costume of the night, and Boozie gives it a 10 out 10 as well. It was man and a woman dressed as a parasail duo. The man was in an inflatable boat and the woman was in tow with a life jacket on and an umbrella as the parachute. Holy ‘chute, that was cute!

Lions, tigers, the fair! Oh, my!
Ahh, the fair! Lagniappe had the opportunity to participate in the Media Olympics and boy, did we participate. The night started out with snacks and adult beverages. That’s my kind of start to the night. Then we got to walk through the fair and it was if we’d stepped into the Emerald City from “The Wizard of Oz.” The decorations got us excited for what was to come, as it looked fabulous.

The first round of the Olympics was in the barn. After watching a demonstration on how to put a T-shirt on a “biting goat,” we decided co-publisher Ashley Trice would be best for this activity. Having two small children and one who refuses to get dressed in the morning, this was going to be walk in the park. Ashley was last to go but that didn’t matter, she was able to get the T-shirt on in 17 seconds, beating the other teams by 8 seconds! She said, “A biting goat is nothing when you dress a drunk octopus every morning, which is what it is like to dress my 3-year-old.”

Next up, riding a roller coaster holding a cup of water. Ashley’s husband, Frank, stepped up to the plate and promised another win for us. We might not have got the W that round but we did get a good laugh seeing Frank covered in water from his cup, which he dropped in the first five seconds of the ride, which is funny as we have observed him “multitasking” with a drink in hand before.

Moving on, reporter Dale Liesch was up to compete in the slushy race. After choosing their flavors, they started drinking. Matt McCoy with iHeartRadio finished first in record time, blowing everyone away. Boozie thinks he must have had practice with the beer beforehand. But no worries, Dale finished third, bringing Lagniappe back to first place in the overall competition. Keeping Lagniappe tied for first with iHeart Media was Melissa on the ladder game. From what Boozie could see, that ladder was never meant to be climbed.

Rounding out the Media Olympics was a mechanical bull-riding competition. Bucking Brooke was the girl for the job. This is where Boozie gets bitter. Bucking Brooke held on the longest and looked the best out there (I mean, of course we are a bit biased) but the ol’ cowboy controlling the bull decided he was going to base it on his opinion and not on how long someone lasted on the bull, which was a bunch of bull! Brooke finished third and overall Lagniappe finished second! We celebrated with a few more drinks before hitting the rides. iHeartRadio, we will get you next year, my pretties!