What is going on with this world? Everyone is freaking out about the male romper — which they have right to, those things are just weird — but has anyone thought about how overalls are pretty much a male jumpsuit? That never crossed your mind, did it?
Luckily I have no man romper (romp-him?) sightings to report, but I do have other attire to fill you in on, as well as some other gossip. Enjoy!

Letting it all Hangout
I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion I should have been at Hangout Fest this past weekend. I came to this conclusion Saturday night. Major Lazer was probably just taking the stage, and I was watching a man drink beer from a straw and a woman steal sips of her date’s drinks while he was in the bathroom. What a time to be alive, huh?

Anyways, the more I thought about it, the more I started thinking, why didn’t I go? Then when the spies’ gossip started rolling in I remembered. Yeah, sure, I still know most of the bands, but there is no way I could keep up with the fashion, if that is the right word for it. I’d probably be what those kids would consider as “old and fat.”

Let me explain. I’d probably be wearing clothes that covered … my body. My spy said she saw some of the most interesting swimsuits of her life; she even wondered how some girls got the thing on with all the holes and straps.

A few other trends she noticed: Pigtail buns, which are two buns almost on top of your head. Body chains, as in a chain that is meant to be worn with a swimsuit. (I can hardly keep a chain necklace from tangling so I know a body chain would not work very well for me.) High-waisted booty shorts. (I mean, makes total sense to cover your hips but show your butt cheeks.) Then probably the worst trend of them all, body glitter! My spy hates glitter as much as I do and she said tons of girls had smeared it on all kinds of places — their chest, face, arms, legs, stomach, everywhere. I don’t even know how you get glitter to stick like that and I don’t care to ever find out.

Enough about Hangout fashion trends, time for the reason people were there, the music! The party started off Thursday with an enthusiastic crowd and acts performing on three of Hangout’s six stages. DJ Jazzy Jeff turned it up with a set that included the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song, and DJ Shaun Frank mixed in a tribute to the late Chris Cornell in his own show. Some of the first crowd surfers appeared in the Boom Boom Tent during Migos’ performance, including one fan who was decked out in a full ghillie suit made of faux marijuana leaves.

Friday’s fun included female sibling trio Joseph, who belted out an absurdly good cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Midnight Mile,” and The Strumbellas, who treated a swaying and singing-along crowd to all their hits. Speaking of singalongs, it seemed as if even casual fans knew every word of Weezer’s set, which began with “Hash Pipe” and ended with “The Sweater Song,” “Say it Ain’t So” and “Buddy Holly.” It was hard to hear lead singer Rivers Cuomo over the crowd, which is a pet a peeve of Boozie’s, I don’t pay to hear the crowd sing. But I’m cranky. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it.

Of course, Saturday was an elbow-to-elbow crowd jumping in unison for Major Lazer, a revamped Band of Horses lineup that sounded as good as ever (rain started falling during “The Funeral”) and indie favorites The Head and the Heart. Before Twenty One Pilots were cut short in the middle of “Car Radio” by the weather, they brought Mutemath on stage to collaborate on “Tear in My Heart” and “Lane Boy,” and vocalist Tyler Joseph performed an abbreviated version of Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

The rain gods were in Hangout’s favor and pretty much stayed clear of Gulf Shores Sunday, leaving the festival to be closed out in fine fashion by Shaggy, Chance the Rapper and Mumford & Sons. If you’ve never seen the multi-talented Marcus Mumford perform, it’s a sight to behold, as he plays everything from drums to guitar to mandolin to tambourine while also finding time to jump into the crowd and get the audience involved. Highlights included “Little Lion Man,” “Lover of the Light,” “Believe” and a new song that debuted live during the encore called “If I Say.” Look for it on their next album.

As always, the festival ended with “Sweet Home Alabama” on the PA and a nearly 10 minute-long fireworks show.

I’m already looking forward to next year!

Da da da da da …
Batman! That’s right, Batman was spotted in Mobile! What was he doing? Oh, you know, just pumping gas into his Batmobile (aka a black Lamborghini with the Batman logo on every side). It’s not every day you pull up to a gas station and have Batman next to you. And let me just tell you, this guy wasn’t in some boo-boo Batman costume, this guy looked like the real deal, I’m talking custom-made costume. (Or who knows maybe is was the real caped crusader?)

As word got around town that Batman was in Mobile, Boozie quickly found out he was in town visiting children at USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital. Boozie thought maybe he’d heard about Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s commitment to make Mobile the safest city and was here to help.  

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ Hangout lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!