It’s been a busy week, especially considering we’re in the nastiest of nasty dog days of summer. But you wouldn’t have known it as a bunch of girls had a “night out,” the circus came to town, there was some LoDa PDA and geography challenges at The Wharf. Geez, if the end of summer is already this busy, I’m a little concerned fall is going to be full on cray-cray. And when I say “concerned,” I mean I hope and pray it is. Anyway, with all of this tasty scoop sitting on a double cone, we better get to licking before it melts away.

Who’s a good girl?
Senior Bowl’s fabulous ladies night out, “Girls of Fall,” took place at the Mobile Convention Center last Thursday night, Aug. 20, and from all accounts it was once again a huge success. My spies said the turnout was great and the food was especially inspiring for those upcoming tailgate parties. I can’t wait to make some sort of dip to cry into as Tom Rinaldi weaves some tragic tale on “College Game Day.” Damn you, Rinaldi!

There was a fashion show with the latest fall trends and cute game day attire, but also an equally cute guy explaining passes and plays to the women, and we hear he drew the biggest crowd. Score!

The part Boozie really hates she missed out on was the Maker’s Mark shots provided by Moe’s BBQ. Boozie isn’t sure if one lady had too many whiskies or just was in a daze for the hottie explaining passes, but she grabbed herself a handful of dog treats from the dog treat stand and started munching away. Boozie is leaning toward the shots on that one.  We hear she was a very good girl after that, though. Yes she was!

I see dead people … or vodka drinks
Last week I told y’all about a movie being filmed around here but I had not gotten all of the details yet. Well the spies finally got off their dead hineys and got me some intel. Haley Joel Osment, known for seeing dead people in “The Sixth Sense” and playing Forrest Junior in Forrest Gump, has been frequenting the Royal Scam, according to our spies. We hear he enjoys Tito’s vodka and club sodas and apparently must still have his boyish good looks, as one of the lovely Scam bartenderesses carded him.

Accompanying Osment have been Freddie Highmore (“Bates Motel” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”) and Jake Abel (Luke from the Percy Jackson series). They are in town filming a coming of age movie called “Holding Patterns,” which will likely hit film circuits in 2016.

Might as well Trump
OK, so let’s just get this straight. Despite what the national media may have claimed, about 15,000 to 20,000 people (not 30K to 40K) headed to Ladd-Peebles to hear Republican presidential candidate/billionaire /reality TV star Donald Trump’s plan to “make America great again.”

People started tailgating early, making a stop by FM TALK’s tent to hang with their very own Sean Sullivan and Wayne Gardner, who snagged an interview with The Donald earlier in the week.

Uncle Henry also was seen walking around with fellow local radio personality Matt McCoy, who was dressed as Trump. He looked so hot that he might have been willing to strip down for the crowd to see why he was voted “DJ whose voice leads you to believe you may want to see him naked.”

Adding to the carnival atmosphere surrounding Trump’s visit to Ladd-Peebles Friday was the Nashville-based band Los Colognes performing while the crowd waited for The Donald’s arrival.

Local musician and promoter extraordinaire Ben Jernigan was also on stage with Los Colognes, a band that makes fairly routine stops at Callaghan’s in the OGD.

The Colognes and Jernigan did a good job entertaining, but you know how politics has a way of kind of ruining most things it touches. Throughout the pre-show, every few minutes the keyboard music from Van Halen’s hit song “Jump” would play and the crowd would scream “Trump.” Also, at one point Jernigan was singing a blues standard and rearranged the words to say “Donald Trump is your hoochie coochie man.”

Um, no thanks. Boozie likes her hoochie coochie men a lot hoochier and coochier than Trump.

When Trump did arrive, he pressed the flesh with folks lined across the barricades, including one “very excited” young mother holding a baby — immortalized in a pic that has made its way around the Interwebs. We hear Trump grabbed the baby’s cheeks and asked his name and told him he was a “cutie.”

Only in America. Only in America.

Drivin’ and Shakin’
North Alabama bands Drive-By Truckers and Alabama Shakes put on a great show at The Amphitheatre at The Wharf this past Saturday night. Opening act Drive-By Truckers must have been hittin’ the bottle before the show or maybe the extreme heat just got to them because Boozie’s spy reported they played longer than everyone expected and they kept saying they were happy to be playing in “Orange Beach, Florida.” They also had some choice words for Donald Trump, one of which began with an F. The Alabama Shakes fortunately remembered they were in Alabama and said they were happy to end their tour in their home state.

Booty shakin’ in the balcony
Music fans got a treat Saturday night when John Hiatt rolled into the Saenger Theatre. The Nashville recording artist gave the crowd a good dose of his biggest hits, but he may have been a bit upstaged by his opening act, Taj Mahal. The legendary blues man was a big hit with the crowd, mixing it up by playing the banjo, ukulele and guitar. The 73-year-old also gave everyone a scare when he fell trying to sit at the piano. It took a fat minute for several stage hands to get him back to his feet, but he picked up an electric guitar, sat back down and scalded the strings off that thing, apparently none the worse for wear.

But both musicians were upstaged by a couple in the “Lincoln Balcony” to the right of the stage. They looked as if they were trying out for “Dirty Dancing II,” and there was lots of buzz about them in the audience — as well as quite a few videos. Hello, YouTube!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ balcony lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!