The city is on the hook for more than $60,000 from President-elect Donald Trump’s visit Dec. 17, according to a fact sheet released by Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s office.
The amount far outpaces what the city spent last year for Trump’s visit as a candidate and reflects a large law enforcement presence.

“President-elect Trump’s historic visit to Mobile brought international exposure to our city and marked the beginning of our strong relationship with the new administration,” Stimpson said in a statement. “Public safety was of utmost importance during this visit for our guests and our citizens, as well as for the security of the President-elect and his team. The cost of public safety was consistent with other cities hosting similar events and was more than offset by the event’s positive economic impact.”

The majority of the expenses came from overtime for Mobile police officers in the amount of $49,691.90. Mobile Fire-Rescue Department personnel overtime also accounted for $8,726.58. The public safety total of $58,418.48 will be paid for by the city, according to the fact sheet.

“It is always the city’s priority to ensure every event in Mobile is safe and successful, so all public safety costs will be absorbed by the Mobile Police and Fire Rescue Departments through their fiscal 2017 budgets,” the fact sheet read.

In addition, Stimpson will cover the $5,764 in operational costs, which includes work from various city departments and others. Those expenses break down as follows: Electrical: $829.95. architectural engineering: $277.50, public buildings: $3,528.16, mechanical: $528.57 and ABC Signs: $600.

City Spokeswoman Laura Byrne said Stimpson would be seeking private contributions to defray the operational costs associated with the “thank you” tour. If he’s successful in raising the funds, taxpayers would only be responsible for the public safety costs.

The Trump campaign will pick up the costs for buses used as shuttles to and from the event at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. The $14,352.50 total for the buses represents the rental of vehicles from four different companies, including: Faith Bus Service: $5,225, Kingdom Coach: $3,800, Gulf Coast Tours: $4,377.50 and Good Time Tours: $950.