What a bright and sunshiney day! Is it just me or do y’all feel like Mother Nature can’t make up her mind? Rainy then plenty of sunshine, hot then chilly. This past weekend, it rained so hard and much on Friday my spies said you would have thought it was a Tuesday night downtown, it was so dead. Then, Saturday was beautiful and the bars were so crowded it felt like Mardi Gras all over again. Being in the business I’m in, I need sunshine and rainbows everyday! So here is my ray of sunshine for ya!

Erin Go PawFest
This past Saturday Callaghan’s hosted the 6th annual Erin Go PawFest for the Friends of the Mobile Animal Shelter. Boozie’s spies say it was a woofin’ good time.  

I am told the turnout was huge this year and it keeps growing. Which comes as no surprise, because who doesn’t love pooches? Something else that isn’t surprising: Organizers said that looking at the preliminary totals, it looks like they met their goal of raising $15,000 for the Friends of Mobile Animal Shelter. Way to go!

We can’t talk about Erin Go PawFest without mentioning a few stand-out pups. Up first, the long-haired dachshund named Squirt. My spy reported Squirt ran the whole Green Dress Run with his owner in his custom-made wheelchair. She also informed me Squirt became wheelchair-bound after losing a hind leg to cancer. Poor thing.

Another popular pup was Ella, a three-legged dog who also ran in the Green Dress Run. But unlike Squirt, Ella had no wheelchair. I guess that’s a perk of having longer legs.

And then there was the one “dog” who one of my spies swears was a “dingo.” We hope no babies were eaten.

Whether three legs or four, my spies said all the dogs were pooped afterwards from all the running around and butt sniffing.

Firk yeah
Moe’s BBQ hosted its third annual Great Firkin Fest and the spies were buzzing with reviews; I don’t even know where to start. Some were comparing the gathering to Mardi Gras while others enjoyed beer tasting instead of beer chugging. So, I guess I’ll start with the good and move to the great.

For starters, everyone was talking about the beer, Moe’s had samplings from 13 breweries. Awards were given out to the best brews, but my spies had a little too much craft beer to remember which ones won what. Ugh, the struggle is real.

Next up, the bands. Think: Winston Ramble, Festival Expressions and the Mulligan Brothers. One spy descried the bands as “thumbs up emojis” and a lot of them. My other spy was able to put into words just how great the bands were, saying “They killed it and were awesome!”

Now the great: the weather and the turnout, which go hand in hand. My inside-scoop spy said the event, which raised money for the American Cancer Society, was a huge success and raised more money than in years past. Not to mention this Firkin Fest was easily three times bigger than last year’s. Nothing quite like enjoying cold beer and awesome music all while raising money to beat cancer! I’ll cheers to that!

Tupac is alive
After enjoying a night out, some spies hit up Waffle House to cure a hangover that wouldn’t go away. While there, they saw Tupac! They said he first caught their attention with his dance moves as he made his way into the restaurant.

Then, once he was inside, they noticed how much he looked like Tupac, even down to the bandana tied in front at his forehead. The man started talking some nonsense but my spy was still convinced it was him, and that the Tupac look-alike was thinking “in my mind I’m a blind man doin’ time” and that’s why he was muttering things that cannot be repeated.  

Perhaps it’s his long lost twin?

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ craft beer lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!