I read with great interest Rob Holbert’s commentary on the candidates for Mobile County Commission, Jerry Carl and Margie Wilcox (“Wilcox in District 3 would be a rewind,” Feb. 4). I found it not only insightful but historical as well.

I will say this: As many problems as Mobile has moving into the 21st century, and given its quite tainted political history, I sure don’t need the likes of Margie Wilcox brought back into the scene here. To me she is a rehash of the past and just more of the same while Jerry Carl has been trying to move forward.

It also struck me in the voting future that Connie Hudson needs to go as well. Enough of the playing politics with the people; it’s time to get this city and people moved on to a better future with someone who actually cares about Mobile, its people and its future.

Keep up the good work there and thanks again.

Kerry Muzzey,