I would like to offer another point of view concerning Jane Nicholes’ article about subdivisions springing up all over the Eastern Shore (Jan. 19). I wished that another point of view was offered to the uncontrolled growth being allowed in Baldwin County. The only points of view given were those people who had real estate interests and politicians in power who are connected to real estate interests.

Yes, I know that if there is no growth, the area will stagnate and die. I also know that uncontrolled growth not only causes traffic jams, more crime, more taxes and a collapse of the quality of life in Baldwin County. A balance of both extremes is needed — but I think the developers want, pay for and get the other extreme.

Why is it that politicians in the city and county governments call for tax increases when more people move in the area? I thought the additional people would bring in the additional needed taxes. But according to what I read, the politicians want more people to pay even more taxes.

They always use the schools as the “tax hostage.” As population rises linearly, taxes rise exponentially. If I am incorrect, people living in New York and California would be paying the lowest taxes in the nation.

Already the sewage capacity of the utilities are topped out and the overcrowded roads call for tens of millions of dollars for upgrades. People already living in the area will pay the brunt while the real estate developers will make the profits and take our quality of living with them as they move out of the area and look for another area to rob and pillage.

Do not bother to rebut with the “various fees” the developers pay. These fees are a one-time fee that comes to nothing of paying the true cost of what they are doing to the residents. The reason why the houses are selling as fast as they are being built is because the true cost of the house is being subsidized by the existing residents, causing a false economy in the housing market.

Charles Lake