I have read many controversial articles in my time but the one written by Dale Liesch on Auburn and Alabama (‘Hammer time’ coming soon for Auburn, Nov. 27) is by far the most pathetic excuse of literature I have ever seen. You should honestly be embarrassed at how moronic and one sided you came off as.

I love your quote about cousins kissing each other and making meth together in a trailer because it incapsulates (sic) 95 percent of Alabama’s entire fan base and unless you just crawled out from underneath a rock you would be stupid to try and disagree. A staggering amount of Alabama fans have never attended the college and it consists of backwoods trailer park trash using tin foil to try to pick up the local football game.

“War Eagle” is a disgrace to this state? What kind of sense does roll tide even make to begin with? And I’m so glad you pride Alabama fans on being able to count to 15 but the sad truth is that y’all are close minded and widely uneducated which your article has only reinforced these stereotypes exponentially. You imply throughout your Ebola ridden ugly string of words (most accurately describes your article) that Alabama invented winning football games, but no they didn’t so Auburn winning football games doesn’t make us attempting to be like y’all.

Why would anyone want to be as arrogant and obnoxious as the Alabama fan base? Auburn has a slew of traditions, way more than Alabama could ever hope to have. Harvey Updike destroyed our most sacred one. I’m sure you were proud of that man and I bet you’re foaming at the mouth to claim him as one of your own. I failed to make even the most distant connection regarding your Lake Martin nonsense. I will leave you with this quote from Pat Dye, “If you’re an Alabama fan it’s in your head, if your (sic) an Auburn fan it’s in your heart” so chew that over for a while you watch your precious team burn. WAR. DAMN. EAGLE. 

P.S. The only people you impressed with your unnecessary over usage of a thesaurus is the lesser educated fans of this great rivalry (which would be the Alabama ones).

Stephen Fleming
via email