Band: Acid Tongue, Universal Sigh, Deluna
Date: Friday, June 23, with doors at 9 p.m.
Venue: The Blind Mule, 57 N. Claiborne St.,
Tickets: $5 (age 21+)/$10 (age 18+)

Over the years, The Blind Mule has opened its arms to many new and up-and-coming alt. rock acts, both touring and local. This cozy venue has become a launching pad for many bands. For this show, an Azalea City group will be hosting two out-of-towners. Judging from their respective sounds, the lineup should feature an eclectic mix of music from three very different bands.

Pulling influence from Brooklyn and Seattle, Acid Tongue’s infectious sound is a chaotic conglomeration of retro sounds. Their garage style mixes elements of surf and psychedelic rock and cuts it with an onslaught of raucous classic soul.

Universal Sigh from Athens, Georgia, will bring its intricate mellow prog rock from one of the Southeast’s most iconic music scenes, performing tracks from “Atoms & Void,” its latest album.

Mobile band Deluna specializes in alt. rock sounds accented by ethereal grandeur, as captured on its debut, “Moogley Boogley.”