It’s the calm before the storm. Some lazy before the crazy. Yep, yep, yep, we’re getting all geared up for the 12th Annual Nappie Awards. Can you believe it’s been 12 years? I sure can’t. It seems like it was only yesterday when I scribbled my first notes on a vodka-soaked cocktail napkin.

Rest assured, next issue will be chock full of the Nappie shenanigans, but we still have plenty to attend to before then.

So take off all of your clothes, jump in the sack and enjoy this latest issue of Boozie Beer Nues, or as the kids call it, BBN. Why naked you ask? Why not?

A white hot night of beauty and vodka

Hundreds of the Bay’s most beautiful people showed up at the newly renovated Pillar’s on Thursday, July 17, for Access Magazine’s hot summer night white party. Complete with a vodka bar, lots of drinking ensued until all hours of the night.

A sea of young’uns shook the house for hours as DJ Hunter Clarke (Nappie Award winner for Best DJ) spun one hit after another. In addition to the hot crowd, guests included the mayor of Orange Beach, Dee Dee McCarron (yes the mother of AJ and now the MIL of Katherine) and Bay newsies such as Local 15’s Kelly Jones and WKRG’s Devon Walsh.

The scandal? Not much besides the heavy drinking of some attendees, but Boozie does not consider that scandalous. The Mayor of Orange Beach did wear a number 51 necklace, as the party was to celebrate the Bay’s 50 Most Beautiful. And I thought I was number 51!

I just want to fly

Even though the weather put a bit of a damper on things, spirits and pole vaulters alike were still flying high on LoDa last Saturday, as high school, collegiate and Olympic caliber athletes showed just how high they could fly in the Dauphin Street Vault – one jump I heard about was 18 feet (holy cow!).

Boozie 07.24.14_gt

Photo/Dauphin Street Vault via Facebook


I am told many lined the streets between Jackson and Joachim and enjoyed some tasty adult beverages while taking in the show. My spies said you could stand so close it felt like you may get hit in the face with a pole while sipping on your suds. How exciting! This event is quickly becoming an annual favorite!

At the same time at The Brickyard, there was a benefit for Tav Goodloe, a familiar face in the downtown and Midtown social scenes and service industry. Tav recently suffered from some serious health issues, which landed him in the hospital, and his friends put together a benefit to help him with his mounting medical bills.

My spies said it was very well attended by many other familiar faces who frequented or worked in the downtown scene at some point in their lives, and they were able to raise several thousand dollars to go towards his expenses.

For those who weren’t able to make it, you can still drop of donations at the Silver Horse Pub every day after 3 p.m.

Another example of Mobilians taking care of each other. I love it.

Sunday Night Streaking

One spy was driving to her home in Midtown Sunday evening, July 20, around 9:45 p.m., when out of the blue, or black I guess since it was dark, a totally naked man appeared on the corner of Carlen and Dauphin Streets. No word on why the man was missing his skivvies and everything else, for that matter.

We are told the authorities were called. Not sure if they located him, but if they did, I’m sure that made for a really interesting ride back to the station. Sir, could you please cross your legs. Yikes!

Well kids, that’s all I got this time. Like I said, next issue, will be a super-sized BBN, so get ready. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ naked man lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!