Ahhhhh, it’s Nappie time! Somehow the Nappies are already here and y’all didn’t vote me as your favorite Lagniappe columnist. How does Andy over in Cuisine win every year? I know y’all love to hear what went on, and not what great restaurant you should try and how great the food was and all the tasty cocktails they had. I mean come on, it’s flavorful here! Don’t worry, I won’t hold a grudge. I am better than that. Sit back and enjoy this plate of delicious gossip — Bone apple tea! (That’s how one of my dimmer spies thought it was spelled – bless her heart!)

Get over it
First things first: If you have never been to Dauphin Street Vault you better mark your calendar for the second or third weekend of July for 2018, because this is one event you’ve gotta attend. To be honest, I don’t know what took me so long to check it out, but it might be my new favorite thing and should be for you, too!

The only other times there was a chance to watch pole vaulting was back in high school at Saturday morning track meets. But let’s be honest, who was going to get up and go to those things besides the students participating and their parents? That’s right, no one. Who is going to go downtown on a Saturday night, get drinks and watch people pole vault? Well, it should be everyone and each year that has been the case, with a growing crowd every year!

Boozie and friends arrived downtown as the “elites” were warming up. Right before Boozie got there a spy reported one of the vaulters broke their pole, and it was very loud. After Googling the price of a pole, looks like you don’t ever want to break one of those. Honestly, we were a little lost on what was going on, but one thing that wasn’t confusing was that pole vaulters are in incredible shape. Boozie couldn’t stop staring and wondering how old is too old to start pole vaulting?

The first girl we noticed was Anicka Newell. Maybe it was her abs or her Olympic rings tattoo … either way, in warm-ups she did not touch the practice bar. The more the night went on, the more we found out. She competed in the Olympics in Rio for Canada (her mom is Canadian) in pole vaulting; she was the best and knew it. Another thing, she was drinking what appeared to be some sort of Red Bull drink, so maybe that stuff really does give you wings because she was killing it.

Boozie was impressed by the sport and even more impressed when I learned that earlier in the day little kids were out there pole vaulting. I would have loved to see a little fourth grader giving it her all!

Everyone did an awesome job, and when they cleared the bar they were given T-shirts to throw. Sadly, I didn’t get one! Maybe I will start my training now and enter the little kids’ division. All I have to do to get there is build upper-body strength, core strength, be able to do a lot of high knees and get over my fear of getting hurt. Oh, and find somewhere to practice. Seems pretty simple, especially if I can drink Red Bull (though I will probably add vodka to mine) while I do it! Who wants to be my coach?!

Strange spottings
Not your usual “spotted” section but sometimes some of these sightings make you sit back and wonder, what the heck? First up, the alligator in midtown? Like, how does that even happen? Boozie’s friend who lives on Mohawk said the alligator was gone before they knew about it, but they were worried about their five-pound pup! If Boozie had to guess, this alligator likely came from the storm drain like they do in all the movies. Talk about a wacky Wednesday!

Then, if that wasn’t enough for one week, Buddy the Elf was spotted walking the streets of downtown Mobile on Friday afternoon. One of the spies spotted him but was unable to get a close-up or find out what this guy was doing. I’m sure walking around in an elf costume in the middle of July in Mobile was making him wish he was back at the North Pole!

Next, in true summer fashion the Bayway got backed up and traffic was at a standstill. So what did one group do? They dropped the tailgate of their truck and smoked a few cigs. Whole new meaning to sitting on the dock of the bay!

That’s not all! I have one celebrity spotting to report. The husband and wife country duo Thompson Square were spotted hanging out at Veet’s one night! Apparently they were taking some pictures around the pool table. My spy wasn’t sure why they were in town since they have no shows nearby, but Boozie remembers Shawna Thompson is from good ol’ Chatom, just an hour up the road. So I’m going to speculate and say they were visiting home between shows.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ pole vault lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!