The Mobile County District Attorney’s Office announced today that the Vigor High School student who brought a firearm to school and twice attempted to pull the trigger will be tried as an adult.

District Attorney Ashley Rich said a transfer hearing was requested by the DA’s office, which resulted in 15-year-old Reco McCants, who was a ninth grader at the school, being tried as an adult in the case.

“He engaged in some very adult behavior by bringing that weapon on to a school campus in our community and using it and putting a lot of students at risk and in harm’s way that day,” Rich said at a press conference today.

According to Rich, juvenile court determines whether or not the offender can be rehabilitated in juvenile court and looks at that in regard to the decision of transferring them to adult court.

“If they felt the juvenile could have been rehabilitated, the court could have made the decision to keep him,” Rich said. “But the conduct of this person was adult behavior and we believed from the very beginning he should be transferred.”

The DA cannot discuss further information regarding the case at this time, but details of the incident will be released in the near future, Rich said.

McCants is currently in Mobile County Metro Jail and faces an attempted murder charge, according to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

Jason Johnson contributed to this report.