There’s way too much going on this time of year in the good ol’ Azalea City, so without further adieu, I’m just going to dive into this week’s dish. Better take a Zantac though, as Boozie’s dish is known to cause heartburn and occasional diarrhea (of the mouth). Dig in!

LBD a BH (Big Hit)!

Little Black Dress, or LBD, as the cool kids call it, was held at Fort Whiting on Thursday, April 10, and was a huge success for Ronald McDonald House. The event is a true runway style fashion show and featured some of the hottest “McModels sporting the latest fashions,” including FOX 10’s Chasity Byrd, Roberts Brother real estate extraordinaire Emili Hansen, insurance dynamo Miranda Dismukes and mom of twins/Access model Garland Sanders, along with a whole bunch of other hot ladies, who really strutted their stuff on the McRunway. I’m told there were actual beauty queens as well — Miss Alabama and Mississippi.

And there were even some McMen McModels, including Sherriff Sam Cochran, Southern Light CEO and president Andy Newton and defense attorney Jeff Deen, waho seemed to particularly enjoy his modeling gig.

As guests entered the venue they were served pink slushy cocktails that were described as “delicious but dangerous.” Someone remarked, “These could get you McWasted.” And if they didn’t, the open bar, and beer and wine offerings certainly could. There was food from Chef Rob & Co, Liquid, Moe’s, Naman’s, Mobile Marriott, Tanner’s and more.

Another interesting display was an evening gown made entirely out of McDonald’s hamburger and cheeseburgers wrappers. From a distance, you couldn’t even tell it was made out of those — McFabulous!

But probably the highlight of the evening was a sassy ginger gentleman sporting yellow overalls and a red and white striped shirt and some giant red kicks that would make you want to toss your Christian Louboutins right out the window. Yes, it was none other than the oh-so-sexy Mr. Ronald McDonald himself. Sadly, no Mayor McCheese or Hamburglar though. But FYI, Boozie is available to talk about McRibs all night long, Ronnie! RRRRROOOOOOWWWW!

Congrats to the very fine folks over at Ronald McDonald House for a hugely successful night and a McMarvelous time!

A weekend of awesome-ness

I’m pretty sure the organizers of SouthSounds Music Festival, Temporal City, Arts! Alive, Erin Go Paw and the other 50 happenings around town sold their souls to the devil to get the weather they had for their events April 11-13.

Downtown was buzzing all weekend with all of the aforementioned activities, and it truly was a great weekend for the city.

Families were able to enjoy the tunes provided by the SouthSounds artists in Cathedral Square and folks brought blankets and picnic baskets and took it all in as kids danced and kicked beach balls around the square. A band and procession of people marched down Dauphin at one point, as artists peddled their wares around the Square.

In SXSW style, the SouthSounds Music Festival also had venues scattered around downtown and the OGD, including Callaghan’s, OK Bike Shop, Moe’s BBQ, Alabama Music Box, Haberdasher, Alchemy Tavern, Blind Mule and Portal Studio. The later shows took place at these places.

I heard a lot of buzz about Great Peacock at Callaghan’s, who apparently “just killed it” on Friday Night, as did Rosco Bandana at Alabama Music Box. Also at Callaghan’s, Andrew Duhon also garnered rave reviews from the Sunday crowd.

New Orleans Suspects’ brought their jammy sounds to Moe’s on Saturday night.

Also on Saturday, The Deslondes at Alchemy had attentive audience taking it all in, and the antics and crazy style of the masked men of Daikaiju at Alabama Music Box had lots of folks talking.

Alanna Royale, whose van broke down in Hattiesburg and who missed their initial Friday night timeslot, was literally picked up by SouthSounds crew and brought back so they could play at a later time. Our spies said this turned out to be the show of the festival. Hate the Boozester missed it.

What a great weekend for a great festival that is certainly only to get even greater. I like saying great!

Temporal City exits with a big heart

Also happening last weekend, was (sadly) the last Temporal City festival held at The Temple. But my spies said it was pretty amazing, especially one exhibit.

“The show was good but the best portion, by far, was a gargantuan heart — like 15 feet tall — someone crocheted and hung in one of the halls with the appropriate dramatic lighting. You could walk inside of it, pull on a cord and make the heart “beat” as it moved in and out,” my spy said.

EGP in the OGD? Yeah, you know me

In what was undoubtedly the busiest weekend in Mobile history, Erin Go Paw festival and the inaugural Green Dress Run also took place at Callaghan’s on Saturday, April 12. Julie Anne Sellers and Peek provided the tunes for this great dog-friendly event, benefitting the Mobile Animal Shelter. Dogs socialized with their other doggie friends and even brought their owners along for the fun as well. I’m told most were well behaved. Good doggies (and owners)!

The Green Dress Run was a hoot, according to my spies, with folks sporting their green dresses and other verdant attire, while running a 5K. I am told it was briefly interrupted by a brief police chase, as they were responding to a call on Texas Street. Just another day in the OGD!

Anvil makes music with mouth

The metal band Anvil invaded the Alabama Music Box on Sunday, April 13. They had a packed house and did not disappoint. I’m told lead singer/guitarist “Lips” even played his guitar with his teeth. Well, OK, then!

Just asking…

Which band is being sued after being hired by an area volunteer fire department to play at a party? The suit claims the band was unable to fulfill its obligation because of “voluntarily induced impairments.” The department is seeking $2,000 plus court costs. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but thanks for my new favorite phrase for drunkenness. I feel like I might have some “voluntarily induced impairments” this weekend.

Well kids, that’s all I got this week. See you back here next week! Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ “voluntarily induced impairments,” I will be there. Ciao!