I just finished reading your Hidden Agenda column (“Mobile: The most miserably fun city in the U.S.,” Lagniappe, Sept. 22.) and I believe some clarifications are needed.

1. “But the number one indicator that this list is pure garbage is evidenced by the city that comes in at 133.” Firstly, this isn’t a “list.” It’s a thoroughly researched report based on data from well-known sources. In fact, we solely aggregate existing data from those sources, listed here:

2. “WalletHub, another website whose sole purpose is to compose lists like this so they can generate tons of hits in order to get tons of advertising dollars (they hope), listed us as one of the “Most Fun Cities in America for 2016.” WalletHub’s sole purpose is educating and helping consumers, and helping them decide where to spend their money while vacationing or relocating certainly fits into that mission.

Thanks in advance for updating your post accordingly. Please also link back to the actual report at so your readers can fully understand its methodology.

Diana Popa
Communications Manager, WalletHub