Another Thanksgiving has come and gone and “lose five pounds by Christmas” has been added to my growing to do list. Oh the holidays! I am however, happy to report that Thanksgiving went smoothly this year, no drama at all, which is a first!

The only thing brought to question was what kind of congealed salad did Aunt L bring that no one ate and she claims should be topped with mayo … Umm gross. If only the weekend ended as smoothly as it started.

Football fever
Well, I can’t say I saw that one coming. I mean how could we? I guess Vandy finally showed Tennessee “how to play SEC ball” with their first SEC win for the season … Talk about Tennessee’s fall from grace. While the battle for the bottom went on, there was also a battle for the top but you already knew that, Alabama fans everywhere are still hoping it was a bad dream, crossing their fingers and pulling out some new lucky game day gear all while hoping that Oklahoma and Wisconsin lose this weekend. Roll Frogs Roll?

Meanwhile, Auburn fans are refusing to wash their outfits from the weekend and are keeping those patches of grass from Jordan-Hare in their pockets all week long. I will say I did really enjoy watching Auburn fans battling with those pesky hedges as they stormed the field. That was almost as exciting as the game.

Brew on
The long awaited opening of Serda Brewing happened this past weekend! After you stuffed yourself full of all things Thanksgiving and then leftovers the next day it was time to wash it down with beer! Friday night was their invite-only soft opening. Not to worry, I got the invite but I can’t say it came because of my Boozie status but more like because of my boozing status.

Walking into the brewery you first see the brew house, if arriving from the back, from the Government Street side, you see the patio and awesome landscaping job and then the brew house. For those not so well versed on all things brewery *cough, not me, cough* the brew house is the room with the big silver things where the magic happens.

Next stop is the taproom and this is the beer drinking room (obviously my favorite place)! They have a bar that spans the length of the wall and lots of tables. There isn’t much to see besides the two TVs but Boozie knows many blurred memories and stories will come from this magical area.

Off the taproom and brewhouse is the patio, which has heaters for cooler nights as well as shaded areas for warmer days, not to mention comfy couches. This is probably going to be my new Mardi Gras spot!

So more about Friday night, there were plenty of folks there for the soft opening. Since the owners are all McGill-Toolen grads and Catholic, they had Fr. Wall and Fr. Neske there to bless everything and I mean everything, the beer, the taps, the tanks, etc.

When Fr. Wall was blessing the tanks he made a comment that he felt like he was on a spaceship ready for take off. Boozie can’t help but chuckle at the fact Catholics love to bless everything including beer. Does that make the beer hangover free? I think so! (At the very least, it can’t hurt, right?)

Come Saturday for the first day of business, Serda’s had a good crowd and by game time the place was hopping.

Now to fill you in on the beers. To be honest, I am not a beer snob by any stretch, but there wasn’t a beer I didn’t like. Friday night they ran out of the Clear-Prop Porter, it wasn’t my fave but still tasty. The Mobile Bay IPA isn’t as hoppy as some IPAs but brewmaster Todd said by this week it would be strong for those IPA folks.

Boozie’s favorites were Hook Line and Lager Pilsner and Tidewater Vienna. But what do I know? Y’all go decide for yourselves and support our new local brewery!

Speaking of beer, or “bier”” LoDa Bier Garten is opening a second location in WeMo on Cottage Hill Road (formerly the Hungry Owl) and Boozie couldn’t be more excited for them! Bring on the beer!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ brewskie lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!