A large crowd gathered outside of Mobile County Metro Jail this afternoon after rumors of an arrest in the Hiawayi Robinson murder case.

“It’s spreading real fast,” Tabrina Odom said. “I just want justice for that baby. Somebody needs to be arrested as soon as possible. Sad, sad day.”

Odom, who has a 5-year-old grandchild, said she does not personally know the Robinson family but is simply a concerned citizen who wants to see justice served by whoever is responsible for murdering the 8-year-old girl.

“They need to get somebody,” another bystander said. “I don’t care who they get.”

As the crowd continued to grow quickly outside of the jail, Mobile County Metro Jail warden Trey Oliver debunked the rumors and asked the growing crowd and media to leave.

Oliver said Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich advised Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran “that there’s no imminent arrest” in the case.

“This is a highly emotionally charged frenzy,” he said. “And we’ve been monitoring the crowd and with social media, these rumors have been spreading.”

Oliver went on to say that deputies were close by if needed to control the crowd, and with any arrests made in a case such as this one, security will be the jail’s primary concern.

“Because this is such a high profile case, and when you’ve got 1,300 inmates watching television tonight, and whenever they do see who was arrested, and with the emotional anger that’s going to be involved, we have to sometimes protect arrestees from other inmates,” he said. “ … I think this is all just driven by rumor.”

Prichard police spokeswoman Melanie Baldwin also confirmed that no arrests have been made in the case at this time.