Where is the time going? It seems like yesterday kids were still in school and now it seems as if we’re already halfway through summer. OK, maybe not quite halfway, but still, Boozie needs time to slow down. I swear, every time I blink it’s Monday again. Ugh, I need my weekdays to be extra short and my weekends to be extra long — someone please figure that out for me. Until then, I’m off to find a drink because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. You, however, need to keep reading.

Cheeseburger in paradise
Lagniappe went to print before Jimmy Buffett played at The Wharf last Tuesday night, so I wasn’t able to fill you in on all the Parrot Head shenanigans. As I’m sure you either know or heard, Jimmy Buffett sold out The Wharf before many people could even blink, so not everyone who wanted to go got to. But no worries, one of my spies had the golden tickets. Boozie was, like many of you, sitting at home dreaming of cheeseburgers in paradise and sipping margaritas.

With a Buffet concert come Parrot Heads. With Parrot Heads come some of the best concert outfits ever seen. My spy reported seeing many Hawaiian shirts, hula skirts, leis, cheeseburger hats and a few guys sporting coconut bras. Her favorite hat was a straw hat that had two margaritas on it with a parrot drinking out of them. People sure do get creative.

Enough about the outfits, let’s talk about the man who’s the reason for the beach season! Everyone Boozie heard from said Buffett was great. One guy said he did not disappoint, another said it was a laid back, fun crowd and atmosphere. My spy also let me know Buffett played Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” as well as the Eagles’ “Take It Easy.” What a treat!

Hopefully Buffett won’t stay away from the Gulf Coast for long. And hey, maybe if he wins the Nappie for Best Mobilian Ever he’ll come back to accept the award! If that happens, Boozie will be sure to let you know and maybe he would reveal which place is really the home of the cheeseburger in paradise.

The next quarterback
I know I said I would keep y’all updated on when AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb-McCarron had their baby and I know I’m a little behind. Boozie was just too busy recovering from Hangout, I could hardly think about work, much less babies.

Anyway, the happy couple welcomed their son, Tripp, on Tuesday, May 24. Boozie had heard the news from a friend close to the couple. This friend was able to go meet the little bundle of joy but couldn’t send any pictures. I figured what good is a report of a baby being born if I can’t provide y’all with pictures!

On May 27, AJ took to Facebook to give us a little more information on baby Tripp, but still no picture. Here is what the new dad had to say:

“Thank you all for the well wishes for our family. Katherine and I are so thankful for this beautiful baby boy. We appreciate all the kind messages sent to us — thank you.

“Tripp arrived Tuesday night and was 8.1 pounds and 21.5” long. His full name is Raymond Anthony McCarron III. He has huge hands and feet already. LOL Feet so big they wouldn’t fit on his stickers.

“Mom and Baby are doing great! We are truly blessed. Thank you all again for the well wishes and kind comments. We are very blessed to say the least.”

(Photos | Facebook) Katherine webb-mccarron and former bama qb AJ mccarron shared photos of their son tripp, who was born on may 24.

(Photos | Facebook) Katherine webb-mccarron and former bama qb AJ mccarron shared photos of their son tripp, who was born on may 24.

Finally, on Thursday, June 2, pictures appear on social media! Katherine posted a picture of her, Tripp and their dog all snuggled together, with the caption “Snuggles this morning. This is love.” Later, AJ posted four pictures on Facebook, saying “Proud to share a few pics of our little man. We are very blessed.” Since then, the couple has only shared a video of Tripp being asked if he was dreaming about girls. Boozie must admit it is pretty cute.

Boozie is glad the couple and baby are doing great. We hope to see more pictures soon, but let’s be real, too many pictures is annoying. What Boozie really wants to know is Katherine’s post-baby workout. I have some (food) baby weight I could stand to lose too!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Tripp McCarron lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!