What a crazy couple of days it has been. I’m back to partying like I’m 21 years old, and let’s just say I might be able to party like that but the next day it isn’t a quick rebound like it used to be! Everything is swollen and hurts. This past weekend I somehow managed to stay out until 4 a.m., then decided I should have Sunday Funday and drink all day. Let’s just say those two make for a bad Monday.

But no worries, guys, I got it together enough to put together this week’s gossip! Enjoy!

Crawfish coma
Now that Lent has ended, crawfish season is in full swing! Once again, the Exploreum’s Junior Advisory Board hosted its annual Crawfish in the Courtyard last week. The weather was beautiful, the crawfish were delish and the beer was cold! Each year the board hosts the all-you-can-eat crawfish event to raise money for the Discover Science Program, and every year it is a hit!

My spy said this year’s event ran a lot more smoothly than last year’s, with crawfish pre-bagged and ready to be eaten — and they were! One thousand pounds of crawfish were consumed and everyone was talking about how good they were! The crawfish were so good that Sean Sullivan of FM Talk consumed more than 70 crawfish in three minutes’ time, winning the crawfish eating contest once again and, of course, bragging rights!

WKSJ’s Shelby Mitchell didn’t do quite as well in the crawfish eating contest as she was only able to finish a few in the given time. My spy said she did seem to finally get the hang of it though. Practice makes perfect, Shelby! Perhaps she can make a comeback next year.

I was also informed people were wearing gloves while eating crawfish. And the gloves were not provided, so this means multiple people brought their own gloves to wear while eating crawfish. Maybe I am the strange one, but I have never eaten crawfish with gloves on. Though there might be something to it, as no one wants gross stinky hands! But still.

Food for the stars
I don’t know what it is about celebrities and the Royal Scam, but there must be some secret website or code they all speak so that when they’re in Mobile they know to visit the Royal Street eaterie! Once again another celebrity ordered up from the Royal Scam. This one didn’t get carded like Haley Joel Osment did, but he did have a special request.

Last Wednesday night Bob Weir of Grateful Dead fame played at the Saenger and Boozie hears it was an awesome show! Before the show he requested a meal from the Royal Scam, and while it was on the lighter side it sounded delish! My spy said he requested salmon poke, pickled cucumbers, pickled ginger and a side of Sriracha. Move over, tuna martini, we want the salmon poke like Bob! We hear Mr. Weir was very “grateful” that the Scam could accommodate his special request.

What a wedding
It’s wedding season! This past Saturday night there was a wedding at almost every event venue Mobile has to offer. With so many weddings going on, one of Boozie’s spies said she got confused about which wedding was which, and ran out on the dance floor ready to party when she realized she didn’t know anyone and was at the wrong wedding! The one she was supposed to be attending was a block over. Oops!

The wedding everyone’s talking about was at the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion. Boozie had multiple people tell her they drove by a few times looking. I was told people even put on their hazard lights so they could slow down and get a better look! And no wonder they wanted to get a better look, everything was beautiful! The Bragg-Mitchell’s lawn was spaced with tents and lights cascading down from the trees. Apparently it looked like a picture from a magazine.

Boozie had a spy in attendance who said it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been invited to. They also mentioned the food was amazing and the drinks flowed like rivers! Her favorite part was ending the night with Chrissy’s (aka adult) milkshakes, Dew Drop hot dogs and beignets! Umm yumm!

Sh*t happens
My Flora-Bama spy was back at it again this weekend but this time with some stinky news. While in the ladies room, she began to smell something very foul… Once out of the stall she noticed a lady skipping the line because she’d had an accident! Not just a little tee tee accident but a messy one. I’ll keep it as clean as possible but think poop down to her shoes. Yikes.

I feel anyone in that situation would run down to the gift shop, buy some clothes and get the heck out of there! But not this lady. Instead she ran down to the dance floor and resumed her partying. Can’t stop, won’t stop!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ crawfish lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!