Gobble! Gobble! Gobble! It’s almost Thanksgiving and the Boozester is always most thankful for the cornucopia of gossip you not only provide but also allow me to serve you every other week.

And with the recent announcement by the powers-that-be at Lagniappe, that we will be going weekly next April, you guys are really going to have to step up your misbehavin’, but don’t worry, your liver has time to start working out a little extra before then, and the holiday season and office parties are an excellent way to start, not to mention Mardi Gras.

But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. We still have a little business to take care of before we trade the turkeys for mistletoe and mistletoe for MoonPies, so grab yourself a plate and load up with a heaping helping of this oh-so-tasty gossip. Seconds are encouraged and are calorie-free. And might I suggest one slice of cranberry sauce on top?

Lagniappe on Leno

On Monday night, Nov. 11, Lagniappe hit the national airwaves as local divorce attorney Jerry Pilgrim’s ad in Lagniappe made the “Headlines” segment on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno.

Pilgrim was this year’s Nappie Award winner for the distinguished “Best Lawyer if Your Spouse is a Ho” category, and he purchased an ad in Lagniappe thanking readers for choosing him.

Apparently this caught the attention of one reader who sent it in to Leno, who said, “This is from Mobile, Alabama, Best Lawyer to Use if your spouse is a ho,” as he showed the ad, which essentially said the same thing. It got a huge chuckle from the audience, who of course, didn’t get the context. We aren’t sure if “proud” is really the word we want to use in this case, but it is exciting.

This is actually the second Lagniappe ad that has made Leno’s “Headlines.” The first was for the “Topless Oyster Bar” in Dauphin Island, which also said it was “family friendly.” Of course, we all know what a topless oyster is around here and that is perfectly cool to take your family around them, but Leno had some fun with it.

Move over Cage, Willis is on the way

It seems we really have become the “Hollywood of the South.” Just as one company wrapped up filming a sci-fi flick in Mobile mostly at Knollwood Hospital and as the trailer for Nic Cage’s Mobile film, “Tokarev” came out, it was announced Bruce Willis will be in town in early December filming a flick that seems to have almost exactly the same plot as “Tokarev.”

If you haven’t seen the trailer for “Tokarev,” yet, check out Hannibal Classic’s Facebook page. Originally it was just supposed to be set in “Anywhere, USA,” but after filming here, the director decided to have it actually set here, and Mobile looks more spectacular than Cage’s hair and the chick who plays his hot daughter.

The word on the street is that in Willis’ film, Mobile is supposed to be Vegas or New Orleans. NOLA we can see but Vegas seems like a stretch, but hey, you can call us whatever you want to baby, we’ll take it.

Thanks to Eva Golson and all the fine folks at the Mobile Film Office for getting the film incentives bill through the state legislature, which has certainly been a big part of getting all these stars here.

AJ/Kat at the Battle of OSR

Sure, we have Hollywood stars running all over town, but we also have our homegrown ones as well. During the game between UMS and St. Paul’s (AKA the Battle of Old Shell Road) on Friday Nov. 1, University of Alabama QB and Heisman hopeful A.J. McCarron was spotted on the sidelines at UMS supporting his alma mater, the St. Paul Saints. And of course his lovely mom, Dee Dee Bonner, and lovely girlfriend Katherine Webb were with him. Katherine’s sexy Hardee’s commercials have been getting a lot of attention lately. I mean, I have always found blue cheese really sexy just by itself, but if some people need a hot chick to make it even sexier, I can appreciate that. Either way, we hope A.J. goes all they way to NYC!

In other St. Paul alum news, the school certainly had to be proud during ESPN’s “College Game Day” on Saturday, Nov. 9. They not only spent a tremendous amount of time talking about McCarron but also had the 2013 World Series champions’ Boston Red Sox pitcher, Jake Peavy, on the show talking football. Another Mobilian to be proud of, he also attended St. Paul’s.

And I didn’t even get to how great all of our other local talent has been looking lately on the airwaves, like Daphne’s T.J. and Reese and Theodore’s C.J. I’ll save them for later. But we sure do grow some fine folks down here in LoBama.

Inauguration party a hit

The mayoral inauguration at the Convention Center certainly was the place to be on Monday, Nov. 4. Politicos, including D.A. Ashley Rich, Judges Shelbonnie Hall and Holmes Whiddon, state reps Jamie Ison and Adline Clark, and of course new mayor Sandy Stimpson and all of the city councilors, among many others, were all pressing the flesh.

It seems Stimpson’s flesh got so pressed, he joked he was worried after shaking so many hands that night, his hand was going to be so sore he wouldn’t be able to take the door off his office the next day, which he promised many times during the campaign. But somehow he managed to make good on it, so we assume his hand recovered.

Port City really did rise at Saenger re-opening

The Boozester was fortunate enough to attend the grand re-opening of the Saenger Theatre since its management has been taken over by Huka and SMG. They had some big announcements on upcoming acts, (check out the music section for those), but also a free concert from Wet Willie, who always delights their fans. But many of our local musicians opened the show with a “Storytellers” type set under the name Port City Rising 2. All I can say is wow. And then wow again. If you haven’t checked out our local music scene lately, you need to. I’ll definitely be buying my ticket for PCR 3.

Dish from the Taste of Mobile

All I heard about this year’s “Taste of Mobile” is that it was the best one yet. I heard rave reviews of the Haberdasher’s beverage booth and their fancy cocktails, delicious ribs from The Salvation Army, Backyard Café and Moe’s, a curry soup from the Royal Scam that was to die for, yummy cakes by Judi and countless other culinary delights. The Mobile Marriott’s circus display, complete with a tiger ice sculpture had folks talking about how amazing it was.

Emcee Darwin Singleton did make a rather strange announcement. Apparently a lady lost something out of her purse, but he wouldn’t say what it was. My spies had bets on birth control pills or other “devices,” but they were never able to get the scoop. So what was it Darwin?

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you

You look like a Hero burger and you smell like one too.

We just have say congrats to our good friend David Rasp for celebrating 15 years at the downtown Heroes location. My spies will be at the anniversary party on wed, Nov. 13, and will have a full report. Hopefully, we will have tales of some Katherine Webb-like burger eating and other shenanigans.

Well kids, that’s all I got. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ Lagniappe on Leno lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!