It is abundantly clear that columnist Jeff Poor adheres to the political philosophy of the Republican Party. In commenting on the declaration of Sen. Richard Shelby that he would not endorse Roy Moore in the Senate race with Doug Jones (“The shameless antics of Richard Shelby,” Dec. 20), it is clear that Poor was not pleased with Sen. Shelby. In his criticism of Shelby, Poor stated: “His rhetoric [Shelby] aided and abetted a political enemy.”

The words “abetted” and “enemy” are descriptive terms used in describing a crime, “abetted,” and war, “enemy.” Neither of these terms are appropriate in describing the action of another person with whom you disagree in democratic political discourse.

These descriptions are symptomatic of the hostility between parties in the legislative process and can only harden the division between them.

I remember that outstanding public servant, patriot and hero, Sen. Bob Dole. During his campaign for the presidency against Bill Clinton, one of his supporters described former President Clinton as the “enemy.” Sen. Dole promptly corrected her, stating that Bill Clinton was his opponent, not his enemy. This from a man who well knew the meaning of “enemy.”

Dominick Matranga