A circus in downtown Mobile? It is SHAGARIFFIC!

I’m not sure what that word means and it does not pass spellcheck, but if our esteemed wordsmith publisher can use it, so can I. It also somehow seems appropriate for describing the fantastic, terrific Venardos Circus now playing at the Alabama Contemporary Art Center until Feb. 14.

This is the evolution and future of circus as we have known it, sans animal acts and with a spotlight on unbelievable skill, daring and beauty. I could not believe they could do a circus indoors in downtown Mobile, but they did and what wonderful entertainment it is. Even CBS Morning News came to town to interview Kevin Venardos, the ringmaster and founder, for a future show.

Plus, there is a bevy of other entertaining activities and arts to enjoy in the midway market an hour before and after the show.

Try not to miss this innovative and exciting show for the entire family. Venardos is not just for kids.

Don Prosch