Scorched earth option? That’s what sensible members of Congress and the majority of voters began in the midterms to rid this nation of the criminal scum in the Washington swamp. The GOP has been complicit with “Effin’ Moron’s” behavior. Effin’ Moron has entertained the minority with his antics, but government requires knowledge and talent, accountability and responsibility.

In his Dec. 26 column, Jeff Poor writes like he started celebrating early … and half the commentary strokes the egos of Trump voters. As for liking Effin’ Moron, a good thumb rule in life is when you hear the first lie, stop. This con man is a reflection on your judgment.

Since when has a primary election been the acid test for leadership? There have been a lot of gutless GOP candidates out there for the last three decades. If you allow and count the write-in candidates, Nick Saban would be governor.

What happens if Effin’ Moron fires Robert Mueller?

Jeff, Cadet Bone Spurs is not equal to a Marine like Robert Mueller, Jim Mattis or John Kelly, so the scorched earth policy tantrum will not work. We are all disgusted with the GOP changing Effin’ Moron’s diapers, and his violating the oath of office. We already have a great wall paid for by Americans to contain people who “test” the Constitution: it’s in Leavenworth, Kansas. Our Constitution is paid for, too, with patriot sweat and blood.

The journalists in our nation are the frontline troops in this global struggle for freedom. Point your pen at the enemy and quit shooting yourself in the foot.

Semper fi, Robert Mueller, Jim Mattis, John Kelly, John McCain and me.

Jim Eddins,