Have y’all fully recovered from the Gras? I was doing pretty well, but then all this cold and nasty weather came and really put me in some sort of post-Carnival funk. But don’t worry, I can still gather scoop for you, despite the funkiness.

And in spite of it being Lent, the hardest time for a gossip gal like myself to do her job, as y’all are all trying to behave, I know you’ll be back to your evil ways in a week or two, so I’m not too concerned. But until then, enjoy these little tidbits.

Mardi Gras leftovers

So I did get a report from some spies who observed some very interesting “throws” from one organization. It seems this parading society — which went unnamed — decided to throw basketballs against the walls of The Garage when the parade stopped on Washington Avenue.

It seems they were trying to bounce them against the walls and back into the floats but apparently a few of them went astray and freaked folks out. Yeah, a basketball to head would not feel too great, but I guess that gives a whole new meaning to “balls to the wall.”

Word is one of the basketballs even knocked the power out in the area.

Missed mystical connections

It seems Mardi Gras also provided for lots of “missed connections” on Craigslist. This area of the classified site allows people to try and reconnect with people who they may have spoken to briefly or admired from afar but didn’t seal the deal or whatever. Here is a sampling of some of the Mardi Gras ones:

Mardi Gras cop – (woman for man) This is crazy I know! I was at the parade and you caught my eye. You stopped right in front of us. You stopped and did something with my son. Tell me what you did so I’ll know it’s you and what band you were walking with!

Don Donas Ball, Green Blue Dress – (man for woman – Downtown) Looking for the cutie in a greenish blue dress. You had blonde hair. Danced against me, had some fun but I couldn’t get away. You said you worked for Alta Point. Message me if you want to finish what was started on the floor. Include my occupation in your response.

Apollo Mystic Ladies Ball – (man for woman – Daphne) I saw you at the ball and thought you were amazingly beautiful. You have long blond/brown wavy hair. You were wearing a black dress. I thought we shared a few glances…? Tell me something about me and what you were wearing on your left wrist.

Lashes ball – (man for woman – Civic Center) Front of the stage and you rubbed glitter on my back. If you remember me please tell what I did when you rubbed glitter on me! I hope you see this! I thought you were absolutely gorgeous!!

Mardi Gras ball beauty – (man for woman – Civic Center) I saw you on the dance floor at the Crewe ball. We exchanged stares a couple of times. You were with a small group so I didn’t come over and introduce myself. It’s a long shot but I hope I find you.

Fairhope/Daphne parade cop – (woman for man) I posted on here wanting to find a cop, but ended up meeting someone else. There is just something about you that I can’t get out of my mind. I want to text you and hang out with you, but I fear you don’t want to…. I want to find a great guy that I can have a relationship with. But sometimes I get scared and nervous from my past. It will work out it time, if it’s right… I guess and hope!!

These things crack me up. Do they ever work out? They are so vague. How could they possibly? Well except for the ol’ glitter back girl. I ain’t no glitter back girl!

Local cutie gets cut from “The Voice”

The new season of “The Voice” started Monday on NBC and one local crooner tried out for judges Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine. Orange Beach native Mason Henderson did a rendition on Vance Joy’s “Riptide,” while also playing his guitar.

It was a solid performance but he did not advance on to the next round. Aguilera said his playing of the guitar while singing may have thrown his voice off some. But they encouraged him to keep on playing. I suspect we will start seeing more of him around these parts.

Well kids, that’s all I got this time. But just remember. Whether rain or shine dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ glitter back girl lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!