Wild Heaven Beer claims its offerings are designed in the tradition of European brewing but with a distinctly American creative flair. They brew all-grain with no adjunct sugars, creating bigger flavor without excess alcohol.

Photo | Courtesy Wild Heaven

It’s always exciting when a new craft beer is introduced into our market. Last week I attended a release event for Wild Heaven Beer at Lucky Irish Pub, one of the first watering holes in our area to carry the Georgia brew.

I met with Sara Young, head of sales for Wild Heaven, who said the brewery is making a big push into the Alabama market, as tap takeovers were also being conducted in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery and Auburn at places that specialize in craft beer. Outside of Georgia, Wild Heaven was previously only available in parts of eastern Tennessee, although there are plans to eventually distribute throughout the Southeast.  

I later spoke with Nick Purdy, president and founder of Wild Heaven, about his beer and the expansion into the Alabama market.  Purdy said Wild Heaven “only puts out beers that add something to the conversation.” He said he did not just seek to make beers that are unique just to be unique, but beers that are “distinct and approachable,” and that people enjoy.   

One of the unique aspects of Wild Heaven is that brewmaster Eric Johnson creates all his beers with an all-grain, no adjunct-sugar approach, which results in big flavor without excess alcohol. According to Purdy, this process also has an added benefit of not resulting in headaches the next day! 

A Georgia native, Purdy is an Auburn grad who is excited that his beer is now available in Alabama.

“We’re incredibly impressed with the quality of beer coming out of Alabama these days and look forward to joining the community as a local-ish offering from your neighbors just to the east,” Purdy remarked. “As a former resident of Alabama during my four amazing years at Auburn, I look forward to many excuses to drink beer with the most hospitable Americans I’ve ever encountered.”

Wild Heaven (the name comes from the R.E.M. track “Near Wild Heaven”) was founded in 2011 and produces a dozen different styles, including Emergency Drinking Beer, its most popular. The brewery also regularly puts out seasonals, and Purdy said they plan to release a watermelon version of Emergency Drinking Beer, which was previously available only at their taproom in Decatur, Georgia, to great response.     

Young said initially there are plans to have about five styles available in the Mobile area, on draft and in cans. LoDa Bier Garten has three Wild Heaven styles on tap, including the Wise Blood IPA and the Ode to Mercy, a nitrogen-infused, coffee brown ale. LoDa also served Wild Heaven’s Bestie pub ale, which was the style on tap at Lucky’s the night I was there. Reminiscent of an English bitter, it had a great deal of malt flavor and was very easy drinking. I will certainly get it again.    

So try to be on the lookout for a Wild Heaven the next time you’re out, and hopefully you’ll find the one you love.