Y’all, let’s talk for a minute about this weather. Is Mobile really having a fall? I mean, it drops below 70 and we pull out jackets, but this is probably the longest it has been consecutively cold. What are we at, like two and half weeks? I had to get out the winter clothes and skip over the transition pieces, going straight to the sweaters, but I am not complaining. This cooler weather has me wanting to wake up early and exercise. I plan it every morning but have yet to make it happen. Maybe for the next cold snap?

While we are on the topic of crazy things, there were about 500 weddings this past weekend. Obviously I am exaggerating but still, almost every known wedding venue and then some hosted receptions. Bragg-Mitchell, Azalea Manor, Mardi Gras Museum, Athelstan Club, you name it, it was probably booked! Even a street in Ashland Place was transformed into a reception venue.

I mean, people act like just because Alabama, Auburn and LSU all had an off weekend, they had to have their weddings that weekend. Y’all, there are football games you can miss to get married! Luckily while they were all saying “I do” there were still plenty saying “Boo!”

A skeleton and a cat walk into a bar …
Boozie had to submit this column before Halloween proper, but since Halloween is now celebrated about three days, which I feel is a new thing, I still have costume spottings!

Costumes are one of those things where you either go all-in or half-a** it and end up explaining yourself all night. Alright, so of course there were the basics — cats, witches, dogs, skeletons, etc. Then there is the next level of basic but not bad, and that’s what a lot of those food costumes fall into. You know, the ones where you just wear clothes underneath and call it a day. So think pizza, taco, dinosaur onesie, unicorn onesie and so on. Those are def better than just wearing all black with some cat ears and saying you’re a cat, but they could also step up their game. Just saying. I mean, I fall into one of these first two categories so don’t feel bad if your costume needs improvement by next year too!

Now, moving on to those that put a little more thought into their costumes. I’m talking about the pope at O’Daly’s! I know Catholics love to drink so I wouldn’t expect him to be anywhere else. But I can’t forget about Ghostbusters, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang, Disney princesses and grandmas.

I’m not done, there is still another level of Halloween costumes, and this is for those folks who put their heart and soul into it. Pirates from “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Edward Scissorhands — I wish y’all could have seen how good his costume was. Daenerys Targaryen from “Game of Thrones” — Boozie doesn’t watch the show but still knew who she was because her costume was so on point! The group that did “Guardians of the Galaxy” — Groot, Peter and Gamora! The girl dressed as Gamora even painted herself green, face, chest and hands! There is no telling how long that took to get off.

But some of Boozie’s other favorites were Lilo and Stitch (pretty basic but still good, especially Stitch). Jasmine and her magic carpet were another — the magic carpet was the better of the two, only because the guy took what looked like an old couch cushion, cut some arm holes and added tassels. I’m sure that’s not what he did but it gave me a good laugh!

OK, so the moment you have all been waiting for, the winner of Boozie’s costume contest (which you didn’t even know you entered): Bob Ross and his fall foliage! And the runner-up: Atlas, a puppy pirate! Arr, I mean aww!

Witch please
The Halloween festivities continued into Sunday with Mobile’s Witches Ride! Witches (girls) and warlocks (guys) gathered at The Blind Mule ready to ride off on their brooms (bikes)! This year there were nearly 500 witches and warlocks gathered to raise money for Delta Dogs, and if Boozie had to guess, I’d say next year will be even bigger!

But first, this year. My spy said she and some girlfriends decided to get together and do the ride since they heard such good things from last year! She said it was so much fun getting together and riding around, it reminded her of back when she was a kid!

Though it was fun, she admitted it was pretty hard to ride a bike and drink. She didn’t understand how some witches could ride, drink and pass out candy. Boozie isn’t sure how that is possible either, but I am guessing they cast a spell! I did hear that the candy passer-outers caused a little problem. Kids and adults were so excited to get candy that they would run out in front of bikers, causing them to swerve into other bikers. Yikes! Didn’t their mamas teach them to look both ways before stepping into the street?

Boozie’s spy reported there were people on Segways, tandem bikes and in pedicabs. But what caught her attention more was the bikes that were carrying ice chests! A tricycle is the perfect bike to stash an ice chest on, but there were also mini ice chests attached to bikes. That’s my kind of ride! But ice chests weren’t the only thing in tow — one lady had a wagon with her pup in it! Add an ice chest in the wagon and I can’t think of a better way to ride!

Overall, it was a great second year for Delta Dogs. My spy only spotted one wipeout but it was at the end and the lady had two guys help her pretty quickly before anyone else saw. If you hate that you missed the ride this year, go ahead and mark your calendar for Sunday, Oct. 28, for the 2018 Witches Ride!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ witch lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!

Photo/ Michael Dumas Image Arts