I am appalled at Cynthia Tucker’s column in Lagniappe this past week. You have no idea about the Comic Cowboys and who they are. You have no right to slander them in this manner.

I know this group well. They are composed of people from all different backgrounds and beliefs. Some are conservative and some are liberal. But they have always learned to laugh at everyone and everything — including themselves.

It is a shame that people like you are calling them racist. They are not racist. They will criticize anyone and everyone equally. If there were more signs mocking “black Americans” this year, then perhaps there was more to mock this year. Face the facts of our country today. What about Black Lives Matter and the chants of “Pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon”? How sick is that? Where is your outrage? Why aren’t you worried about your 8-year-old seeing and hearing that?

Oh yes, some of Mobile’s most “distinguished civic and business leaders” are members of this group. So are many of your everyday blue-collar workers. It is a vast group of different individuals and I am personally so sorry that Mayor Stimpson and Councilman Joel Daves dropped out of the organization, but then I understand their reasoning, they were so afraid that Fred Richardson would get back on his racist bandwagon and try to continuously throw this in their face.

As for their secret organization, it has nothing to do with being proud of their satire or being afraid to show their names. Maskers in Mardi Gras organizations wear masks as all members are supposed to be secret. Why don’t you learn your history about Mardi Gras before you get on your bandwagon?

Racism in Mobile? Yes, it’s alive and well — because of you, Fred Richardson, and many others who choose to use the race card when it suits them. I, for one, am sick and tired of putting up with having to change things because of people like you calling everything racist when the real racists are people like you. I’m a conservative and obviously you are a liberal. That doesn’t make me racist. I’m tired of being part of the silent majority because of liberals and black Americans calling out just about everything I believe in.

We disagree — so be it — but that is not being racist and I hope other people like me will start standing up for their beliefs instead of backing down because of the “racist” tactic. This is 2017 and we are all Americans. Red and yellow, black and white, we are precious in His sight — and I owe you nothing. We are all equal so how about laying off the racist comments? When I was younger, liberals were open minded. Where has that gone?

Ann Davis