A couple of weeks after it launched, the folks over at WKRG-TV are still excited by their set change.

News Director Mike Rausch explained that the change was the first in a decade and sought to capture Mobile’s flair for the old and new.

“This set was created by David Weller Design. Our goal — which we achieved — was to create a set that would be different from others in the market and stand out in the minds of viewers. So, the idea is a ‘High Tech – Old Mobile.’ We meshed the old look of our historic city with a high tech accent. We believe that it turned out exactly as we had hoped.”

WKRG’s new set blends high tech and “Old Mobile.”

WKRG’s new set blends high tech and “Old Mobile.”

What came about was a set featuring the city’s skyline — remade in recent years by RSA — and the brick reminiscent of so many of the older structures in downtown.

“Many news sets look like they could be anywhere in the country. We wanted ours to feel like our city and our area,” Rausch said.

He added that the entire project was completed within two and a half months and the set installation took only three days.

In addition to launching the new set, WKRG also implemented a new graphic design package designed by JCBurns Design of Atlanta.

Fall radio ratings

I figured it was time to take a look at some available radio ratings from fall of last year for the Mobile market.

The numbers come from Neilson Audio and are a look at the stations that subscribe to the service. So understand that some stations like WZEW and WNSP are not on this list because they don’t subscribe to the service. And these are the 12-plus numbers, which don’t necessarily mean a lot to stations that focus on a more narrow demographic.

All that said to keep my friends in the radio biz from getting upset, here’s what was reported for the fall.

Tops for this summer’s listed ratings was WBLX-FM with a 12.0 share. That follows a 12.2 in summer ’13 and a 12.9 last spring. Next was WDLT-FM with a good jump to 11.4 last fall from a 9.1 share in summer and an 11.2 in spring. Country king WKSJ-FM came in next with a 8.6 for fall on the heels of a 7.8 share in summer and an 11.9 in spring.

WMXC-FM jumped up considerably with a 7.7 for fall after a 4.7 in summer and 4.3 in spring. And WABD-FM drew a 7.4 share for fall after posting a 6.5 share for summer and 7.3 for spring.

WRKH-FM landed a 6.3 share for fall, down from a 7.0 share in summer and 6.4 in spring, while gospel station WGOK-AM came in with a 5.4 in fall after a 6.7 and 5.3 respectively in the two previous books.

And rounding it out, WAVH-FM (FMTalk 106.5) had a 2.6 for fall after a 3.1 in summer and 2.0 in spring. WNTM-AM held steady with a 1.7 share in fall on the heels of a 1.8 share in summer and 2.0 in spring.