Police in Mobile have identified and arrested a woman accused robbing or attempting to rob more than a dozen residents in several area nursing homes.

This is the vehicle Sawyer was seen leaving in. (MPD)

Sherrita Tiffany Sawyer, 37, of Mobile is believed to be connected to a string of recent incidents reported at Ashland Place Health and Rehabilitation, Crown Place, Springhill Manor Nursing Home and Dauphin Way Assisted Living — each of which was reported between May 2-3.

On Friday, the Mobile Police Department released photos and videos of Sawyer, who investigators were able to identify and taken into custody over the weekend.


According to Mobile Metro Jail records, Sawyer was arrested around 8 p.m. on Saturday, May 5. She was booked on 18 counts of burglary and a DUI charge.

At this point, it’s unclear how long police believe Sawyer was conducting her alleged criminal activity, but several instances were reported just last week.

A victim at Ashland Place Health and Rehabilitation said he returned to his room Wednesday and noticed his wallet and phone were missing from his drawer.

Then on Thursday, a resident at Crown Place said a woman — believed to be Sawyer — entered his room claiming she was the area ombudsman. When he told her he was going to get an administrator, she left quickly in a Nissan Murano with a dealer tag that police have also released photos of.

Police in Mobile Sherrita Tiffany Sawyer, 37, of Mobile burglarized more than a dozen residents in area nursing homes in May 2018. (MPD)

That afternoon, the same woman was seen on surveillance camera footage entering six residents’ rooms at Springhill Manor Nursing Home. Several pieces of jewelry were later reported missing.

Sawyer is also accused of going through several rooms at Dauphin Way Assisted Living Thursday afternoon as well.

Police say in the video she appeared to be “searching for items to steal.” When one of the residents there asked who she was, Sawyer allegedly said she was a new registered nurse.

Updated at 8:54 a.m., May 7 to include the identity of the alleged burglar and the charges she was booked under at Mobile Metro Jail.