One of the area’s favorite radio stations has made a few changes in the order of their on-air lineup recently — a move that now includes a husband-wife morning show.
WZEW-FM listeners have surely noticed by now that some of their favorite DJs are spinning the wax at different times of the day. (OK, spinning the bytes, maybe?) Pablo Foster has moved from mornings and is now handling mid-day duties, while Gene Murrell holds down the afternoon show, followed by Tony Ploscynksi at night.

The biggest change, however, is in the mornings where Tim Camp and Lee Ann Watterrs have launched a show called “TLC in the Morning.” The initials stand for Tim and Lee Ann Camp, if you didn’t immediately get it.

“There are lots of morning shows with two people, but very few are married,” Camp, who is director of Operations and Programming, said. “It allows us to share some things others may not be able to.”

Camp said the scrambling of on-air times was done to both accommodate employees’ schedules better and also to improve the morning show. He said the move helps Lee Ann get home and take care of their children in the afternoon, while also keeping Foster from having to stay out late doing promotions, then get up at the crack of dawn the next day.

The idea of the Camps teaming up came about accidentally when they went on-air together to fill in for someone else.

“When Pablo went on vacation Lee Ann and I did the show together and our consultant said ‘Wow! I like that!’” Camp said.

But the scheduling issues in their personal lives were what finally pushed it to fruition. Camp says he thinks the husband-wife dynamic will make the show different and accessible to listeners.

“We’re going to give it our best shot,” he said.

Jones leaves

Alabama Media Group has confirmed that director of breaking news Michelle Reedy Jones is leaving the company, although why or where she’s going isn’t known at this time.
Jones’ sometimes bombastic “tweets” and emails have drawn a good bit of attention since she first joined AMG in 2012 as the Mobile hub director. Among her greatest hits was a tweet about having to investigate employees for plagiarism as well as the difficulty in managing the “millennial” generation.

That was followed by an internal email meant for her superiors that accidentally went out to newsroom staff as well in which she labeled certain employees “turds.”
Jones was eventually moved to handle breaking news, but controversy followed.

In November she posted an item about the suicide of the husband of former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, who most famously oversaw the recount of her state’s presidential vote in 2000 that ultimately led to George W. Bush being elected. Many seemed to believe the hashtag Jones added to her tweet was nothing more than inappropriate gallows humor, a charge Jones vehemently denied, claiming she was just trying to remind her followers for what the deceased’s wife was famous.

“Former FL Secretary of State Katherine Harris’ husband dead of apparent suicide #hangingchad,” Jones wrote.

Jones did not return an email asking about the change. We are told her last day is Feb. 7.

Leaf on trial

Former local TV reporter and reputed hothead Charles Leaf has been on trial in New Jersey over the past week for allegedly sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl.
Leaf, who was arrested over the matter in 2010 and was a reporter for Fox 5 News in New York, has been on trial for allegedly digitally penetrating the girl.
He has a bit of a checkered past in the news business, landing in Mobile at WPMI in 1998 and losing his job a year later after being accused of assaulting Loxley Councilwoman Frela Wojciechowski. Leaf also allegedly assaulted a WPMI photographer in a separate incident.

Though he was fired and sued by Wojciechowski, Leaf still managed to move up the news ladder, landing in Detroit and eventually the Big Apple. In Detroit, Leaf was also accused of assaulting a gift store owner.

As of press time, his trial has not ended.