Band: The Hallers, King’s German Legion
Date: Friday, Nov. 17, 9 p.m.
Venue: The Merry Widow, 51 S. Conception St.,
Tickets: Call 251-380-8020 for more info

The Merry Widow has filled out Friday night’s lineup with rock sounds from the Yellowhammer State.

The Azalea City is offering up a set from The Hallers. This local indie rock trio draws its inspiration from the early days of alt. rock. Based on their single “For You,” The Hallers use a driving rhythm filled with bottom-end sounds to create a stout, commanding form of modern rock. Earlier this year, The Hallers entered the studio with engineer Curry Weber, who spent time behind the boards at Memphis-based studios such as Ardent and Sun.

King’s German Legion will conquer the crowd with a raw form of rock ‘n’ roll that gives no quarter. This Tuscaloosa trio’s sound lies in an electrifying limbo somewhere between garage rock and progressive blues. King’s German Legion captured this sound on their five-song debut release, “Marching Orders.” With overpowering beats and blazing guitar runs, this quintet of songs is a perfect delivery of this band’s intense rock style.