Wow. Spent last weekend in Mobile at an Airbnb in the Oakleigh Garden District, just off George Street. The host had a copy of your newspaper on the coffee table.

Print journalism is not dead. Your commentary, “Counting down to the end of this race …” is a masterpiece. I’m not sure of your political leanings but you managed to address the Roy Moore issue with great clarity and balance. You are spot on when you pointed out the trap the Republicans built for themselves in this election.

I might add that I am not surprised Roy Moore lost the election. The neighborhood near my Airbnb was festooned with Doug Jones lawn signs. I bet they are still up. Take a left off Government Street down George Street. You can perhaps verify my observation.

Enjoyed my stay in Mobile. We did the tourist “things” including the wonderful USS Alabama memorial park. As a Georgia boy I love these olde Southern cities with oak trees and moss.

My best wishes to you for the holiday season. I’m sure you are not a “Luciferian.”

John Shaver
Bradenton, Florida