Speaking as someone who lived, worked in Los Angeles and San Diego for nearly 18 years (I now live in Spanish Fort), I do not believe you understand the gravity of the situation when it comes to illegal immigration, along with its impact (Ashley Trice, Hidden Agenda, Jan. 9, “Let’s address the real crises in this country”).

“Our country has not been invaded by thousands of MS 13 members” you stated? We have thousands of illegal alien gang members spread throughout this country that commit thousands of murders and assaults each year, it just ends up in the back of whatever progressive newspaper outlet that is covering it because of hyper political correctness. We have a school shooting, 15 people are dead and there is outrage by the left all over the country, but when it comes to victims of illegal gang members or human smugglers we get the “oh, there is no crisis at the border, it’s just xenophobia,” which is counterintuitive, as there are montages of high-profile Democrats claiming such over the last three decades.

Except, strangely over the last 24 months, they have changed their tune (the same Democrats that were calling for a “fence” across the border a few years ago?). Yeah, I believe you have not witnessed what’s really happening from down here in the suburbs of Mobile, no more than the elites living in their gated compounds on both coasts have — they are immune to it. They have walls or gates around their homes, armed security in some cases, and on the westside of L.A., heavy police presence cruising around in Range Rovers.

So you have people living behind walls, calling other people out for wanting walls? I’m all for a pathway for the “Dreamers,” as I can appreciate their situation, but this can’t happen until the border is secure, with walls as part of it along with technology and more boots on the ground, not to mention heavy sanctions on employers for hiring illegally; once this is in place, then we put the “Dreamer” discussion on the table.

This is indeed a national emergency. We have 12 to 20 million unvetted people in the country illegally, [of] which a vast majority just walked across the border. Be glad you’re not the one living in a border state. For the record, I blame both parties for this situation, but it just seems now the Democrats are trying to thwart any measure on the border just because of Trump, which puts a lot of people in a dangerous situation along the border and in our inner cities.

George Tarver,
Spanish Fort