Dawes, Hiss Golden Messenger
Wednesday, April 13, with doors at 7 p.m.
Soul Kitchen, 219 Dauphin St., www.soukitchenmobile.com
Tickets: $20 advance/$25 day of show/$35 riser, available at Soul Kitchen, venue website, Mellow Mushroom (both locations) and by calling 1-866-468-7630

Dawes front man Taylor Goldsmith admits his favorite bands take on the persona of a gang. Goldsmith likes the idea of a band being an exclusive club only open to its most dedicated fans.

The idea of a favorite band is the foundation for the title track of Dawes’ latest album, “All Your Favorite Bands.” This song began as a chorus in Goldsmith’s brain. Goldsmith pitched the chorus to singer-songwriter Jonny Fritz, who encouraged Goldsmith to finish the song. The two pitched in on a collaborative effort, with interesting results.

“It’s funny, because I think we were both trying to resonate with each other and understand how the other one wrote,” Goldsmith explained. “In the end, the verse I wrote sounds like something that he would write. The verse he wrote sounded like some that I would write.”

Longtime friend David Rawlings acted as producer for this album. Rawlings is primarily known for his work in bluegrass and traditional Americana. When Dawes asked Rawlings for advice on a producer, he volunteered. Even though both had different backgrounds, the recording process benefited from this team.

“I think he was as surprised as we were,” Goldsmith said. “Like he said, he thought that we were coming from such different universes, and it wasn’t something that we all considered. I think that’s why it became exciting.”