The last time I was at Zea’s on Airport Boulevard was for a Jean Francois Christini wine dinner. I am happy to report the food was stellar. They certainly know a lot about wine pairings. But now they have come up with an unlikely pairing that has perked up my ears.

Beginning May 26, Zea is asking diners to join them on Tuesday nights for “Burgers and Bordeaux.”

This is no average burger. Imagine a Wagyu Kobe beef burger cooked the way you like it and served with a side item and a glass of red or white Bordeaux for the low price of $16. If you know anything about this beef, you understand it’s a heck of a deal.

Customize your burger (some items carry a small charge) with toppings ranging from common to exotic. Bacon, portabella mushrooms, grilled onions, spinach, avocado, chipotle mayo, pickled jalapenos, wasabi aioli, slices of andouille sausage and Sriracha hummus give you only a partial list.  

This new offer is available only on Tuesday nights, so plan accordingly. Zea’s is located at 4671 Airport Blvd. Call 251-344-7414 if any other information is needed.   

Italian Fisherman still baiting diners
We’ve heard it all before. Chef John Weichman of the Italian Fisherman has claimed to have cooked his last meal at the Old Shell Road location several times since Feb. 14, the original date when he was to retire and close the restaurant. But so far it has been to our benefit. His most recent correspondence stated, “I tell you this to be the absolute case this time.”

Friday, June 5 at 6:45 p.m. will be the final meal at the Italian Fisherman, with Alpha Omega Winery’s fine selections from the Rutherford-Napa Valley.

“These wines from Alpha Omega are probably the finest, palate-pleasing family group I have been favored to introduce you to over the last four years. As a boutique winery in the legendary Rutherford sub-climate of Napa, nature has been very kind to its products,” Weichman said.

The four courses include a porchetta-style stuffed chicken breast with a Sauvignon Blanc, triggerfish seafood dressing with vodka-lobster sauce alongside a Chardonnay, pork tenderloin Marsala with a red blend, and finally a daring Italian sausage and bleu cheese stuffed portabella mushroom with a Cabernet Sauvignon. The high price of the Cab demands a 2 oz. pour for tasting notes to keep this dinner down to a $65 price tag. Extra pours of the red blend will be $9 and are encouraged.

Call for reservations at 251-478-2881 in case this one really is the Omega.

Three Flavors relocates to Schillinger Road
If you recall, a year or two ago I paid a visit to Three Flavors Restaurant in Tillman’s Corner and raved about their Asian cuisine. They have since shut down that location, but fans of their take on Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine should not seek the help of a therapist just yet.

Three Flavors moved to a new location a little closer to Mobile proper. The address is 960 Schillinger Road S., Suite K. Folks in the area will better recognize the address as the spot next to Zaxby’s. Thankfully the food remains the same, so line up for your summer rolls and the amazing rice dinner with cashew nuts and seafood.

It’s still a pretty good hike for me, but I don’t mind burning a gallon of fuel here and there.

Food Truck Fridays up in the air
First there were rumors Bienville Square’s Food Truck Fridays were canceled. Then a social media video from the mayor stating that it isn’t canceled appeared. It certainly is a hot topic, with downtown restaurant owners suffering losses on that one day of the month, and now both sides are weighing in.

Restaurateur David Rasp (Heroes, Royal Scam) hasn’t been as severely affected as others.

“In a perfect world we’d find a way to allow food trucks in a way that doesn’t unfairly work to the detriment of brick-and-mortar restaurants. Finding the right location for the food trucks would seem to be the biggest challenge,” he said, adding, “I’m not entirely opposed to having food trucks downtown but I’d hate to see it have a negative effect on folks who have invested so much to build their restaurants downtown. I do believe the potential for an uneven playing field is quite real.”

“I think food trucks are here to stay,” Hoot Wheels and Hungry Owl owner and chef Tony Nicholas said. “I have friends who own restaurants downtown and would not want to see them affected negatively, but I think it may be time to look at how to evolve and create a synergy rather than fight.”

Nicholas believes more competition should lead to better dining options but likes the idea of moving Food Truck Friday around. But who is to stop the trucks from heading downtown anyway?

“I do believe that some food trucks will just keep parking at the square on Fridays regardless at this time,” he said. “I for one do not operate my truck downtown regularly and only do so for special such as FTF or when there are more people than downtown restaurants can handle.”

“I agree with both sides,” said Geaux Boy’s Jacob Merrit. He sees what the mayor’s office was trying to do as an attempt at getting people out of their routine, and showing others outside of Midtown and OGD that our downtown scene is more than just bars.

“I think that maybe 10 to 15 trucks was pushing it a little,” Merrit said. “I want everyone to succeed. It was never my intention by participating in this event to poach or steal business from anyone, but I look forward to this event coming back (fingers crossed).”

Merrit suggests the underutilized Spanish Plaza or perhaps Washington Square as alternate locations. “It’ll all work out,” he quips. “We are One Mobile. Let’s work together.”

Amen. Recycle.