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The tide is about to roll. The eagle is about to war. The jaguar is about to rrrrooooowwww. It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! Better get your yard work done and your closets cleaned out because we are about to lose our weekends to the couch and Jack Daniels, folks. Aww, fall in the South. It may not feel like it standing in our backyards, but it sure does sitting in our living rooms listening to the “College Game Day” dudes, while gorging on buffalo chicken dip.

But before we get to the most wonderful season of all (football), we have to clear out our summer gossip closet. So let’s get to it. Grab some boxes!

Odds are you’re getting burned

Oddsmaker Danny Sheridan spoke at the Mobile Bar Association luncheon at The Admiral last week, offering his insights on the college football season to the city’s top legal minds. It’s no secret he feels like Jalen Hurts will be Alabama’s starting QB, but he seems to favor Clemson as his top team, citing the number of first round draft picks they will no doubt have.

In addition to gridiron predictions, he shared his thoughts on some state political races, as well as taking some jabs at local attorneys. And he didn’t hold back.

Let’s just say it’s probably a good thing Kay Ivey wasn’t in the room, and at least one Nappie Award-winning criminal defense lawyer probably wishes he hadn’t been there, as many of the jokes were at his expense. But it was all in good fun and I’m told the lasagna was pretty spectacular, so everyone who attended can claim this one as a W.

When drag queens … read

This week’s Mobile Bay outrage seems to center around the upcoming “Drag Queen Story Hour” planned at the Ben May Memorial Library on Sept. 8. The program is presented by Rainbow Mobile.

According to its Facebook page, Rainbow Mobile is “an LGBTQ community organization dedicated to providing resources, presenting community events and pursuing projects in Southwest Alabama with the goal of having a healthier, happier and connected LGBTQ community.”

These “story hours” have been held at libraries all over the country. And they feature drag queens, trained by elementary school teachers, reading children’s books geared to kids ages 3-8. These readings have also not come without their share of controversy, across the country and here.

There have been some pretty nasty comments about it on social media, which are kind of ridiculous. This event is not put on by the Mobile Public Library, as some have incorrectly stated. They are simply letting the organization use the space, as they let many other civic and community groups. And it’s voluntary!  If you don’t want to go, then don’t. It’s really that simple. No one is forcing you to go to this, no more than they are to church on Sunday.  No need to lose your mind over it.

But being Mobilians, we don’t feel complete unless we have something to be outraged over every single week, so thankfully Rainbow Mobile came through for us with this week’s offering. Don’t worry, we will all have our panties in a wad over something else and will have forgotten about this completely by Sept. 9. Keep being outraged and carry on!

A Nixon you will not want to impeach

So my spies tell me the owners of Callaghan’s have plans for a new bar/eatery in the former Old Shell Growlers location, across from the Dew Drop Inn. We are told it will be called Nixon’s (the name of the drug store that was there for 70 years) and will not be an Irish pub like its sister bar but similar in that it will be a “laid-back neighborhood bar with a casual menu.” They are hoping to open in eight weeks, so midtowners can rejoice! Finally, a new watering hole for us!

Stork report

We are pleased to announce we have added a new member to the Lagniappe family. Our art director, Laura Mattei, gave birth to her first child, Julian, last Friday and we could not be more thrilled for her. Mom and baby are doing great! Congratulations to Laura and her husband, Brian, on their beautiful baby boy!

Well, kids, that’s all I got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ drag queen lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!