Mr. Holbert,

Thanks a lot.

I read your column about insomnia yesterday and now it’s 2:45 a.m., and for the last several hours I’ve been thinking about insomnia and its causes.

I got rid of my bedside table LED clock several months ago after I woke up very early one morning and looked at that clock. The display said 1:11, but in my bleary-eyed condition, I didn’t see the colon between the first “1” and the second “1” and spent several minutes wondering what time Roman Numeral III was.

I’ve thought about former Gov. Bentley and his troubles for awhile but, frankly, I wish they would either impeach him or not — just stop talking about him and concentrate on something else.

The birds aren’t awake yet (what do birds who suffer from insomnia do?) but I’ve been waiting for them to start their un-rhythmic chants and wondering if their chants are really rhythmic and I’m just too impatient to hear it.

Now my sleeping companion, Dottie the cat, who usually sleeps at my feet or on my back or on my head (depending on her mood), has looked at me with disgust and left.

Now it’s 2:56 and I have a full day tomorrow. So, again, thanks a lot.

Bob Allen,